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Lingshan, Guangxi successfully disposed of a methanol leakage accident recently, a traffic accident occurred in Shitang Town, Lingshan County, where vehicles transporting dangerous chemicals avoided motorcycles from overturning into the river, resulting in a small amount of methanol leakage. After the accident, after scientific treatment by relevant departments, until 3:00 on July 5, the water quality of the affected river section had returned to normal. There was no poisoning caused by methanol leakage and no death of aquatic organisms such as fish. Its mechanical properties provided the performance required to replace traditional materials, and the life of downstream people was stable

at about 8:00 p.m. on July 4, a heavy-duty towing tank car pulled hazardous chemicals (methanol) from Lingshan County to Shitang, passing through 54km+100m of provincial highway 308. Due to avoiding a two wheeled motorcycle, the tank car overturned into the waliao River (the downstream flows through Baihe and Nayang town of Hengxian County into the Xijiang River), and a small amount of methanol leaked into the basin

after the accident, Qinzhou Municipal Party committee and government attached great importance to it and issued important instructions to scientifically handle and properly handle the traffic accident and methanol leakage to prevent secondary disasters. According to the requirements of the main leaders of Qinzhou Municipal Party committee and government, the leaders of Qinzhou environmental protection, water conservancy, safety supervision, transportation and other relevant departments came to the site to guide the disposal. Lingshan County public security, fire protection, emergency, safety supervision, environmental protection, water conservancy and other relevant personnel rushed to the scene for rescue and disposal, and timely launched the emergency rescue plan for hazardous chemical safety accidents in Lingshan County. First, evacuate the surrounding people in time to protect the scene of the accident; What is more serious is that if these dust enters the hydraulic system, the second is to control the traffic on the site and maintain the public order on the site and the fire resistance and safety traffic order of the rigid polyurethane foam; Third, inform the downstream people of the basin to suspend the use of the water source, inform Hengxian County of the incident, and coordinate to achieve more accurate test results and do a good job in monitoring the water quality of the basin along the way; Fourth, the firefighters and the company where the accident vehicle belongs shall arrange professional transport vehicles and professionals to extract the methanol from the rollover tank car; Fifthly, the water quality in the lower reaches of the basin was sampled and tested, and an expert group was requested from the environmental protection departments of the autonomous region and the city to go to the site to monitor the water quality

by 0:40 on July 5, the relevant personnel had evacuated, filled and transferred the methanol of the rollover tank truck, and the on-site traffic control was lifted. The environmental monitoring center of the autonomous region organized Qinzhou environmental monitoring station and Lingshan County environmental monitoring station to carry out emergency monitoring, which showed that the impact of the incident lasted for a short time and the affected area was limited. At present, the water quality of the affected river section has returned to normal, and the rollover tank truck has been lifted and transported away from the site

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