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Patent introduction: a microcapsule nano silver antibacterial fabric and its preparation method

application (patent) No.: cn 4. Application date: June 13, 2011

publication (announcement) No.: cna publication (announcement) date: November 23, 2011

main classification No.: d06m23/12 (2006.01) i

classification No.: d06m23/12 (2006.01) I; D06M15/13(2006.01)I; D06M11/83(2006.01)I; B01j13/02 (2006.01) i

applicant (patentee): Quanzhou hongruixing Textile Co., Ltd.

Abstract: a special high temperature endurance experimental fabric for nano silver antibacterial fabric thermal insulation profile based on microcapsule fabric finishing technology and its preparation method. Using alginate microcapsule technology, nano silver particle microcapsules with alginate as capsule wall are prepared, which are added to the fabric for post-treatment to obtain nano silver antibacterial fabric. This kind of antibacterial also enables us to constantly challenge ourselves. The fabric has achieved a high degree of uniformity in the dispersion of nano silver particles, and the agglomeration of nano particles has been well solved; The biodegradable natural polymer microcapsules in the fabric have been improved. With the serious redundancy of Chinese housing and the sharp reduction of young population, the biocompatibility of antibacterial fabrics has been improved; It has slow-release effect, long-term performance, washing resistance and durability, and solves the discoloration problem of antibacterial fabrics; It has excellent antibacterial property and high temperature resistance. In addition, the preparation process of the antibacterial fabric 3 is simple, non-toxic and easy to be industrialized. (

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