A method of saving the most popular PS plate after

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A storage method for PS plate after development

the traditional storage method for PS plate after development is to rub Arabic resin adhesive for storage, but this method also has many inconveniences for short version live printing. For example, most of the businesses undertaken by our factory at present are short edition, ranging from hundreds of prints to thousands of prints. Sometimes a shift (8 hours) has to change the version sevenoreight times, On average, live parts need to be replaced once every hour, so the test speed needs to be verified and stamped "The state produces these additives in accordance with the standard production management version. Usually, the glue on the version is still wet, sticky, or the glue is just dry, and has to be washed off with water after being put on the machine.

later, we changed a method: wash several developed PS plates, and put them into a pool filled with clean tap water according to the printing sequence on the machine. The water is not over the printing plate. Use water to separate the printing plate from the air, so as to prevent the printing plate from falling in the water Oxidation occurs in a short time. In addition, in order to prevent the light from damaging the printing plate, a shading plate is also covered above the pool. It is very convenient to use and take out when printing, and everything is normal when printing. After we adopted this method to preserve the printing plate, the strength of rib steel after 80, 000 prints of water penetration was improved, and the effect was also good

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