A large bauxite mine was discovered in Dengfeng, w

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The estimated resource of a large bauxite discovered in Dengfeng is 47million tons

the project of "Dengfeng Xinmi coalfield shengdimiao underground aluminum (clay) ore survey" undertaken by the fifth Geological Exploration Institute of Henan Bureau of Geology and mineral resources, which is faced with "opportunities" and "challenges", has successfully passed the field acceptance organized by Henan Provincial Department of land and resources, and has been rated as excellent. It is expected that the project can be submitted to one large bauxite origin

the project belongs to the "integrated exploration of aluminum (clay) soil under coal in lizhuangzhai Pingdingshan area, Mianchi, Henan Province", with a working area of 141.6 square kilometers. In december2016, the field work of the project was completed. The project has completed 71 boreholes, with a cumulative drilling footage of 20280.24m and geophysical logging of 19249.12m. After comprehensive data processing, the bauxite resources in the whole region are preliminarily estimated to be 47million tons. The ore body is characterized by shallow burial, rich grade, high alumina silica ratio and low sulfur, and the ore body development conditions are good. In addition, the bauxite ore body is also associated with refractory clay ore, pyrite, associated with gallium, lithium and other minerals. Comprehensive prospecting 5. The effect of specialized module experimental software of relaxation testing machine is outstanding

the project actively responds to the relevant spirit of the document "on standardizing the basic issues of geological exploration in Henan Province 5. Positive deviation of indication of tensile testing machine; cooperative exploration of gold project" issued by the Department of soil resources of Henan Province, which has almost penetrated into all material utilization fields. The western part of the region is a non cooperative area, and the eastern part is divided into two cooperative exploration areas. The survey was conducted jointly by Henan Provincial Department of land and resources, Chinalco Henan Mining Co., Ltd., Henan Jinfeng Coal Industry Co., Ltd. and Henan Geological Engineering Survey Institute. The project has not only successfully practiced the new mode of cooperative exploration and prospecting advocated by the Department of land and resources of Henan Province, but also provided backup resources for aluminum industry of China

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