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China has achieved a major breakthrough in the industrialized preparation of rare earth laser neodymium glass.

rare earth laser neodymium glass has the characteristics of high flexural strength, large stimulated emission cross-section, high laser gain coefficient and small nonlinear refractive index. It is the core material of high-power laser devices. It is mainly used in strategic fields such as national defense and military industry, aerospace and nuclear energy. The United States and other developed countries have long imposed a technical blockade and product embargo on China

with the continuous support of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of science and technology, the State Administration of science, technology and industry for national defense and other departments, the sensor has been successfully used in human finger twists and turns activity monitoring and facial muscle stretch monitoring. After 12 years of research, the Huli wood-based panel team of Shanghai Institute of Optics and precision machinery, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has independently developed a large-size high-performance rare earth laser neodymium glass preparation technology to align the pointer to the zero position to achieve mass and stable production, Platinum particle damage threshold, hydroxyl absorption coefficient, neodymium ion concentration consistency and other indicators are superior to similar foreign products. China has become the second country to master this technology after the United States. In 2016, "key technology and application of large-scale and high-performance laser Nd glass batch manufacturing" won the special prize of Shanghai Technological Invention Award

compared with foreign technologies, the main breakthroughs and innovations of domestic preparation technologies are as follows: first, the integration of key processes, overcoming and integrating five key technical difficulties in the continuous smelting process of neodymium glass, such as impurity control, dynamic hydroxyl removal, platinum removal, small flow and large-scale molding, and non cracking tunnel kiln annealing; Second, the supporting equipment has been self-developed. It has independently developed special new high gain edging materials, technologies and complete sets of equipment, and developed a number of off-line and detection technologies, such as multi wavelength and multi optical path real-time edging residual reflectance comparison test, high-power laser irradiation scanning, etc; Third, the main production process has been established, a complete quality assurance system and testing standards have been established, and the whole process production of laser neodymium glass components has been realized

at present, Shanghai Institute of Optics and precision machinery of Chinese Academy of Sciences has built the first domestic production line of large-size and high-performance laser neodymium glass with an annual output of 1200 pieces. The products are applied to Shenguang series devices, 5-petwatt (1015w) ultra short laser devices and other major national strategic needs, and are exported to France, Germany, Israel and other countries. It is estimated that the annual new output value can be increased by 200million yuan

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