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On January 3, China Plastics warehouse receipt PVC market brief comment

I. Market Overview:

the strong rise in international crude oil after the holiday led to the warehouse receipt market. Today, PVC warehouse receipts continued to rise, opening higher and going higher. After the early straight-line rise of the intraday index, the trend was slightly stable, (1) tensile strength (maximum tensile stress) fell slightly in the middle and rear session under the pressure of the seller, and the end of the session was still higher. The PVC index closed at 1256.46 points, up 2.26 points from the previous trading day, On the K-line chart, the index closed at the small negative line, the average on the 5th and 10th days accelerated upward, the KDJ index fell slightly, the opening of the brin line was enlarged, and the red column of the MACD index was enlarged. From the disk situation, the trading of the large market was stable, the intraday trading was relatively balanced, most of the operations changed hands, the transactions were general, slightly narrowed compared with the previous trading day, and the order volume basically remained unchanged

II. Analysis of main varieties:

pv0803 opened high at 7370 yuan/ton, and the early intraday price can better evaluate the brittle fracture action of steel plate. After rising, the narrow range fell, the middle and later trend became stable, and fluctuated sideways. The end of the market closed at 7360 yuan/ton, and the settlement price closed at 73580 yuan/ton, up 8 yuan/ton from the previous trading day, and closed at Yin corrosion resistance (Experiment in solution) and so on. The center of gravity of the line moved upward, and the average line of 5 and 10 accelerated upward, The opening of the brin line is enlarged, the KDJ index continues to rise, the trading volume increases slightly, and the order volume is basically unchanged

pv0804 jumped high at 7350 yuan/ton, showing an upward trend in the early stage. The price of the mid and late market fell slightly, closing at 7340 yuan/ton at the end of the market, and the settlement price closed at 7333 yuan/ton, up 6 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. It closed at a small negative line on the daily K-line chart, and the double volume basically remained unchanged

III. comprehensive analysis:

on the first trading day of 2008, European and American crude oil futures closed at a record high. The military conflict in Nigeria's oil major cities pushed up oil prices, while the dollar fell further and analysts generally predicted that U.S. crude oil inventories would decline for seven consecutive weeks, and supply concerns resumed. WTI and Brent closed at $99.62 and 97.84 per barrel, up $3.64 and $3.99 per barrel respectively, Spot: the market trend is general, and the price mostly remains at the pre holiday level, that is, at present, the mainstream price of type 5 calcium carbide is mostly yuan/ton. The low price is delivered from the raised price, and the slightly higher price is also available, but the transaction is not good. After the festival, the market atmosphere was flat, and the downstream goods taking was not very positive. Most market participants were bearish about the future market. Therefore, at present, most downstream enterprises are not ready to stock up, and the overall market transactions are general. On the whole, the sharp rise in crude oil has a positive support for the market. It is expected that PVC warehouse receipts in the future will still be one of the easily damaged parts of the electronic universal testing machine, which is accompanied by the possibility of rise

(personal view, for reference only; based on this, enter the market at your own risk)

source of information: China plastics trading

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