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A week's market review of Fujian polyester filament Market (6..02)

Fujian polyester filament market has performed well recently. Under the influence of the continuous rise in the price of polyester raw materials, the trading volume of the local market has increased, the center of gravity of the product price has shifted slightly, the production and sales rate of the enterprise has remained at a good level, and there is no inventory pressure temporarily. It needs patience and persistence. Among the varieties, FDY performs well, the trading volume is enlarged, and the sales volume of the varieties used for Oxford cloth production is better, while DTY has a general market performance, and there are not many dynamic sales varieties, so there is a certain pressure on market sales. The sales of downstream fabrics are stable, but the sales of chemical fiber fabrics are general. Manufacturers purchase small orders in the market, while traders in the market are also only small orders to stock up. It is expected that the future market of local polyester filament will remain adjusted. DTY 50d/72f (light) is the applicable material quoted by various varieties in the market: metal and non-metal materials are 800 yuan/ton. DTY 100D can select the functions of real-time display, amplification, comparison, traversal of experimental curves such as load time, load displacement, displacement time, deformation time and monitoring of experimental process/36F is yuan/ton, DTY 300d/96f is yuan/ton, FDY 50d/24f is yuan/ton, FDY 75d/36f is yuan/ton

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