A brief comment on the PVC market of China Plastic

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On September 27, China Plastics warehouse receipt PVC market brief comment

I. market brief:

today's PVC warehouse receipt price trend is calm, and the disk has little change. 11: The PVC warehouse receipt index closed at 1179.60, basically unchanged from yesterday. In the trading, the transaction has improved today, but the order has been reduced slightly. On the K-line chart of PV index, it closed short negative today, and the physical position is still below the 5-day moving average

II. Trend of main warehouse receipts:

pv0610 received a straight line for the third consecutive day, and its position moved up to the 10th line. The settlement price was 7510 yuan/ton, up 10 points from yesterday. On the disk, today's trading was deserted, with few quotations from both sides and a strong wait-and-see atmosphere. In addition,

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pv0611 went flat, and closed at the opening price at the end of the day. A straight line was also hung on the K-line chart, and the settlement price was 7340 yuan/ton, down 20 points from yesterday. On the disk, the seller has a slight advantage, and the selling price has increased in the later period, but to avoid resurgence, there is no buyer to receive the goods

III. comprehensive analysis:

international oil closed slightly lower yesterday, and wti-11 closed at US $61.01; Asian ethylene, an upstream monomer, remained stable, while CFR northeast maintained its yesterday price of USD/ton. In terms of spot goods, the ex factory prices of petrochemicals have not changed much, and some brands have been reduced. The standard method for hygienic inspection of benzene, toluene and 2 toluene in the atmosphere of PVC residential areas in Yuyao plastic city, gas chromatography GB 11737 (9) the raw material market is still stable, the market is still relatively depressed, and the latest mainstream market price is yuan/ton. On the whole, the fundamental hot spots are missing. If there is no good in the short term, it will be difficult for PVC to get out of its weakness

(personal view, for reference only; based on this, enter the market at your own risk)

source of information: China plastics trading

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