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A week's market review of Fujian polyester filament Market (8.22--8.28)

the market quotation of Fujian polyester filament remained stable, and the trading volume was slightly enlarged driven by the phased replenishment of positions by downstream enterprises. Most of the transaction preferential policies prevailing in the early stage were cancelled, but the downstream replenishment capacity was not large, the demand was still weak, the market situation was still not significantly improved, and most polyester filament enterprises were still trapped under the pressure of high inventory, This has become "The inserts are preheated to just 1. All valves on the control cabinet should not be opened and placed at a temperature lower than the melting temperature. At present, the main resistance to the improvement of the polyester filament market is that the startup rate of downstream weaving manufacturers is still at a low level, the financial pressure is still large, and the manufacturers continue to quantify by production. Therefore, market participants are more cautious about the future market. It is expected that the future market of local polyester filament will still be an consolidation market. The quotation of various varieties in the market is DTY 50d/72f (light) Is yuan/ton, DTY 100d/36f is yuan/ton, DTY 300d/96f is yuan/ton, FDY 50d/24f is yuan/ton, and FDY 75d/36f improves the strength of professional and technical talent team is yuan/ton

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