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Common problems and prevention measures of "passageway entrance"

○ Lu Chuangyu (Guangdong Chaozhou construction engineering quality and safety supervision station)

passageway entrance is the most important part of safety protection on the construction site. Whether its protection measures are reliable directly affects the safety of the construction site. In the practice of safety supervision, we found that there are often various common problems in the protection of passageways, and put forward prevention and control measures

1. The main common problems of "access protection" at the construction site

(1) the layout of building entrances and exits is unreasonable. In order to save capital investment and avoid the safety

inspection scoring items, some construction units consciously use the whole building as a vertical enclosure without setting up an access. After inspection, they use the vertical enclosure as the entrance and exit of the building, and the operators can enter and exit at will, which is very easy to cause safety accidents

(2) the protective shed at the access of the construction site cannot really play a protective role. The material does not meet the requirements, the erection method is not scientific enough, and the erection width and length do not meet the requirements. At the same time, it is not organically combined with the dense mesh safety hanging of the external scaffold for protection

(3) there is a mistake in understanding the "access protection" in the "standard for safety inspection of building construction" (another JGJ59-99). During the inspection, it was found that the management consciousness of some on-site safety managers still remained in the old standard, and no safety technical measures were prepared for the transportation overpass and other highly professional projects, or the safety protection measures were not implemented, especially the protection of close eye erection on both sides of the transportation overpass and the nonstandard overlapping mode of cross bridging

(4) the safety education of scaffolders is not paid enough attention, and the safety education such as safety technical disclosure and pre shift activities only stay in the written expression, and the safety protection awareness of scaffolders has not been really improved; There is still a certain gap in the employment, training and re education of special operation personnel with certificates; Some shelves strengthened communication and contact with relevant national departments. Although they passed the annual examination, their mastery of new knowledge has not been correspondingly improved, and they do not understand the strict requirements of the new standards

2. Prevention and control measures for common problems

in view of the fact that our city is currently mostly a multi-storey building with a floor height of 3 ~ 5m, the auxiliary equipment of the universal testing machine for wood-based panels, and the abundant resources of Moso bamboo, we have expanded the measurement range of "access" C) and the original licensed products according to the relevant standards and specifications such as the standard for safety inspection of building construction (JGJ59-99) and the technical code for safety of work at heights in building construction (jgj80-91); Protection is discussed. The main methods are:

(1) choose the entrance and exit of the building according to local conditions. At least one entrance and exit shall be set for multi-storey buildings without external elevators (dual-purpose elevators for people and goods); There must be more than three entrances and exits if the length is greater than 50m. Generally, the entrance and exit should be set in places where operators can easily access, such as staircases

(2) take flexible protective measures according to the height and shape of the building, and cooperate with the dense eye safe hanging. According to our practical experience, see figure (1) and figure (2) for the specific protective measures and practices of inlet and outlet and well frame inlet and outlet

1. Full bamboo fence

2 Supporting diagonal rod (the diameter of small head should not be less than 80cm)

3 Close eye safety

4 External scaffold (internal hanging 1.8 × 6m dense mesh safety)

Figure 1 entrance and exit protective shed

1 Full bamboo fence

2 Diagonal tie rod( φ 78cm)

3. seventy-five × 150mm square timber

4 Protective railings of unloading platform

5 Unloading platform pole

Figure 2 well frame inlet and outlet protective shed

note: the falling radius of the protective shed at the entrance must be set up according to the following table, and the protective width should be appropriately widened according to the width of the entrance

falling radius of the protective shed at the entrance of the passage (unit: m) table 1

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