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Common problems and maintenance of elevators

common problems

elevators have been inspected and debugged before leaving the factory. All technical indicators meet the design requirements. When using, just connect the power supply, and more and more hydraulic and electrical products will adopt spray free material systems without adjustment. The elevator must be placed on a solid and flat ground to prevent overturning during operation. Press the "up" or "down" button to raise and lower the workbench. If the workbench does not move, stop the machine immediately for inspection. If the working pressure of the electric lift is too high or the sound is abnormal, it should be shut down immediately for inspection to avoid serious damage to the machinery; Check the working state of the axle pin regularly every month. If the axle pin and screw are found to be loose, they must be locked to prevent accidents caused by the axle pin falling off. The hydraulic oil should be kept clean and replaced every 6 months; When maintaining and cleaning the elevator, be sure to support the safety brace

elevator maintenance

1 Monthly maintenance

lift (3) public attitude towards the construction of the project; During the maintenance of the lifting platform, the personnel enter the lifting platform to work. Both parties must carry out comprehensive cooperation in the extension of new materials and new technologies to terminal utilization and innovation incubation. The lifting platform must be hung to prevent casualties caused by the sudden decline of the lifting platform

a. check the roller, intermediate shaft and bearing; Oil cylinder pin shaft and bearing; Lubrication and wear of boom hinge shaft and bearing

b. fill the above components with lubricating oil. Extend the service life of bearings

c. check the hydraulic oil quality and oil level. The hydraulic oil level should be mm higher than the bottom of the oil tank when the lifting table rises to the maximum. When the hydraulic oil turns dark, the oil is sticky, or there are foreign matters such as gravel in the oil, the hydraulic oil should be replaced in time. The hydraulic system of the lifting table applies 32 # hydraulic oil

2. Year end maintenance

a. check the hydraulic and pipe connection parts. If the pipeline is damaged, it should be replaced immediately; Tighten the pipe joint when the connection part is loose

b. remove and disassemble the lowering valve, blow out the valve core with compressed air, and then install it again

c. drain all the hydraulic oil in the oil tank, open the oil tank, take out the oil suction filter, clean it, put it back into the oil tank, and install it in situ. Fill the oil tank with new oil

common problems

the elevator cannot lift or the lifting force is weak

1 The pressure adjustment of overflow valve does not meet the requirements. Adjust the pressure to the required value

2 Check the internal leakage of the oil cylinder or replace the oil cylinder assembly

3 Check whether the reversing valve is clamped or has internal leakage or replace the valve assembly

4 The oil level is too low, the oil inlet filter is blocked, add enough oil, and clean the oil filter

5 Check or replace the pump if there is something wrong with the oil supply pump

the scarifier cannot lift or the lifting force is weak

1 The pressure adjustment of overflow valve does not meet the requirements. Adjust the exchange servo electromechanical pressure to the required value

2 See the troubleshooting method in above for the internal leakage of oil cylinder

3 The reversing valve is clamped or leaked internally

4 The oil level is too low, and the oil inlet filter is blocked

5 There is something wrong with the fuel supply pump

6 Check the one-way valve for leakage, check the wear of the one-way valve core and valve seat, and check whether the one-way valve spring is fatigue, deformation, etc.

the operating lever is heavy

1 Check, adjust and replace unqualified parts if the operating lever mechanism is defective; Clean the valve parts; Check the cleanliness of hydraulic oil

2 The control valve spool is clamped (manufacturing, installation problems, dirt problems)

there are problems with the hydraulic torque converter and compensation system, such as weak hydraulic torque converter, power shift failure, high oil temperature

1 The hydraulic torque converter is weak

(1) the hydraulic oil quantity is insufficient

(2) the pressure is adjusted improperly

(3) the back pressure is insufficient. Check the quality of the torque converter oil (whether the hydraulic transmission oil is misused), the dosage, and check the torque converter pressure regulating valve, the back pressure valve and its set pressure value

2 Power shift failure

(1) The quick return valve, pressure reducing valve, power transmission valve and directional valve are stuck and have internal leakage

(2) If the oil pollution is serious, check the cause of valve jamming and eliminate it accordingly, filter or replace the hydraulic oil

(3) If the oil temperature rises too much, check whether the cooler is defective, and check the quality and brand of hydraulic oil

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