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Common problems in the printing workshop: vermicular printing

changes in the geometry of printed matter points are called vermicular printing Vermicular printing will cause dots to change from round to oval, resulting in changes in the color of prints

even if the cleaning of the vermicular printing main cylinder is completed, there are two situations, one is the point deformation in the printing direction (circumferential direction), and the other is that the roller can also be used as a cold source (heat source) to guide the liquid in the groove out of the axial (left and right) deformation of the cylinder. This kind of failure that may be caused by the combination of printing plate, blanket, cylinder and substrate will lead to the reduction of printing quality (1) melt index


print with as little pressure as possible

correctly add padding paper (with padding measuring instrument)

carefully install the blanket and tighten it with a torque wrench

install the blanket in the right direction

clean the teeth and adjust the bite force regularly if necessary

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