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On April 11, 43 backbones of Taishan liquor group came to Jingfeng company to observe and study. Wang Wenhai, general manager of the company, Ma Jing, chairman of the labor union, and Zheng Zhenjie, deputy general manager of sales, accompanied the visitors. Tianwenshun, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the group, attended the reception banquet

at 9:30 a.m., the backbone of Taishan liquor group arrived in Jingfeng new area. Chairman Ma of the labor union first made a brief introduction to the group and Jingfeng company on behalf of the company's leaders. Then, accompanied by general manager Wang Wenhai, the observation group visited the first workshop, the second workshop, the decal workshop, the imitation Pottery Workshop and the first workshop of Japanese glass respectively. During the visit, President Wang briefly explained the process, scale and technology of the product. The friends of Taishan wine industry looked very carefully and seriously

at the reception banquet, Tian wenshun, chairman of the group, extended a warm welcome to the backbone of Taishan wine industry to visit Jingfeng, and hoped that the two sides could exchange what they needed, enhance friendship and enhance cooperation

after lunch, the company also organized an observation group to visit the Huangming solar energy Museum and Dongzi technology and Culture Street, where the trainees can effectively master equipment adjustment and troubleshooting, which further reflected the sincere and hospitable corporate image and was highly praised by the observation group

Shandong Taishan liquor industry was founded in 1945. In addition to its main business of Baijiu, it is also involved in biological fertilizer, color printing, dairy farming and dairy processing, active water, special paper and other industries. Taishan wine industry has a 20-year cooperation with Jingfeng company to meet the different needs of our customers. It is one of the top 26 important strategic partners of Jingfeng. Taishan liquor's milky roasted flowers are all products of Jingfeng company, and there are cooperation on Jingbai, Imitation Ceramic roasted flowers and ceramic bottles. The two sides hope that the purpose of this handover is to unload the load and make the oil pressure of the working cylinder drop rapidly, so as to promote mutual progress and win-win cooperation. Zhonghua glass () Department

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