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[dragon hunt 6] temporary l975f loader evaluation: Land Taotie swallowing earth rock

[dragon hunt 6] temporary l975f loader evaluation: Land Taotie swallowing earth rock

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"Taotie" (t ā OTI è) is a well-known one of the nine sons of Long Sheng. Its outstanding feature is that it can eat. As a mysterious monster in ancient Chinese legends, its image has many versions. Some believe that it has no body because it is so greedy that it eats its body, leaving only a big head and mouth. Gluttony is a symbol of greed, so constant green, low-carbon and environmental protection has become the development trend of the industry to describe greedy or greedy people

because of its gluttony, the ancients cast it on the tripod of cooking utensils for decoration, that is, Taotie pattern (also known as animal face pattern). "Taotie pattern" is the representative of China's long-standing culture, so it has also been printed on the RMB, becoming a decorative pattern with anti-counterfeiting attributes

later generations have endowed Taotie with more and more connotations, making this originally ferocious monster more and more cute. Especially in modern food culture, Taotie has become a synonym for gourmets who are especially good at eating, and has derived a series of words such as Taotie feast, Taotie vision, Taotie meal, cultural Taotie and so on

the protagonist of this episode of dragon hunt is also a "greedy" guy, but it is neither greedy for food nor money, and specializes in earthwork. It is the latest 7-ton star product l975f loader launched by Shandong Lingong. When working, it raises the bucket, devours all materials, and brings wealth to its owner with its "greed"

with the continuous expansion of the business scale of construction machinery users, their requirements for production efficiency are gradually improving, making the mainstream tonnage of loaders to a higher level. Shandong Lingong was keenly aware of the changes in customer demand and took the lead in introducing the 7-ton wheel loader represented by l975f to the market

l975f is a 7-ton three-stage loader for loading and unloading loose materials, which adopts a new streamlined appearance design. The whole machine has large digging force, comfortable operation and high work efficiency, and can be widely used in construction sites, mining, ports and wharves and other working conditions

let's first understand this loader through a set of data:

overall mass: 24400 kg

rated load: 7000kg

standard bucket capacity: 4.2 (optional 3.5 ~ 7.0)

engine power: 199kw

if the products of l975f loader are excellent, it is mainly committed to all kinds of static tension and compression testing machines, electronic universal testing machines, hydraulic universal testing machines, zigzag testing machines The R & D and manufacturing potential of electro-hydraulic servo dynamic fatigue machine and special fatigue experimental equipment can be summarized into three characteristics: reliability and durability, energy saving and efficiency, safety and comfort

high end reliable and durable configuration

the temporary l975f loader is positioned at the high end. The engine and bridge box are all equipped with high-end configurations of well-known brands to ensure the reliability and service life of the whole machine

engine: it adopts domestic famous brand engine, which can be perfectly matched with the temporary vehicle after sdlg professional adjustment

gearbox: imported ht220 fixed shaft electro-hydraulic shift gearbox is adopted, which is flexible and convenient to operate

drive axle: equipped with temporary self-made reinforced drive axle, with large bearing capacity and stable and reliable braking

frame: the front and rear frames of the new structure have reasonable load distribution and are equipped with steering soft limit to reduce vibration

the temporary l975f has carried out a number of configuration upgrades for complex working conditions, making it more outstanding in harsh environments

the bucket is designed with an anti falling deflector to prevent materials from falling backward and effectively protect the boom and oil cylinder; The inner side of the bucket wall is strengthened, and the bucket bottom is designed with wear-resistant plates

the standard oil bath air filter is equipped. The second stage filtration in the hood is 93 sand dust filtration, which has a filtration effect of more than 95% on particles and dust, and is more suitable for the harsh dust conditions in mines

six LED lights are equipped as standard, which has high brightness and good vision during night operation, and is not easy to fatigue

proprietary power matching sets up a new benchmark of high efficiency and energy saving

the greater the capacity is, the greater the working condition faced by the 7-ton loader is often high-intensity and continuous material shovel loading, so its operation efficiency is very important

the proprietary power matching technology of Lingong l975f loader enables the effective combination of engine and transmission system, and its traction, digging force and hydraulic system design pressure have certain advantages in products of the same level

after testing, under the same workload, the fuel consumption of one temporary l975f loader is nearly 50% lower than that of two 5-ton loaders, which can save a lot of operating costs for users

the constant variable confluence hydraulic system can automatically adjust the displacement of the pump according to the load, reduce the overflow loss, and reduce the fuel consumption by about 12% compared with similar models

the frame cooling system and intelligent cooling system with temporary patented technology can automatically adjust the fan speed

the new design concept focuses on safety and comfort

temporary l975f loader, which subverts the design concept of the traditional loader in terms of product meeting the needs of customers of different nationalities, and optimizes the operation and safety guarantee of the equipment from the perspective of ergonomics and operation experience

start interlock: the gearbox is not in neutral position, and the engine cannot be started, which effectively prevents misoperation

lifting limit: the boom will automatically stop when it is raised to the highest point to avoid damage to the oil cylinder and working device caused by hydraulic impact

full hydraulic wet braking

full hydraulic wet braking system: the service braking adopts a double circuit system, which has good braking performance, reliability and safety

pilot dual handle control

the industry-specific finger operated pilot dual handle is light and flexible

the operation of compound action is easier to realize, especially the three handle operation such as wood clamping/side unloading, which is more handy; The shift function is transplanted to the console, and the combined operation of reversing and operation can be realized with one hand, which is more comfortable and efficient

with safety lock, the man-machine is safer during operation

following the principle of ergonomic design, the internal space, field of vision width and sealing of the cab of the temporary 975f have been significantly improved

the noise in the cab is only 78.6 dB, and the air conditioner is equipped as standard, which is leading in the industry

adopt color Chinese display instrument, which is eye-catching and clear


what kind of waves will the sudden rise of 7-ton low-cost products represented by Lingong l975f cause in the loader market that has been silent for many years? We will wait and see

in the subsequent issues of the Dragon hunt, we will also reveal the remaining temporary earth moving machinery products that can match the name of the dragon

please look forward to it

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