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Shanghai has completed the adjustment of hazardous chemicals industry, and 413 enterprises have been closed, suspended, merged, transferred and relocated according to the report of labor daily, at present, Shanghai has basically completed the adjustment of the layout of hazardous chemicals industry, and a total of 413 enterprises have been closed, suspended, merged, transferred and relocated. This is from the "plenary meeting of the joint meeting on the supervision of chemical safety of the Provincial Department of economy and information technology and the Provincial Department of transportation" held yesterday Information learned on

it is understood that since this year, Shanghai has further strengthened the social control of the production, storage, operation, use, transportation and waste disposal of hazardous chemicals. There have been no major hazardous chemical accidents in the city, no hazardous chemical accidents that have an impact on the performance of athletes and have a serious social impact, and the situation of safe production of hazardous chemicals has continued to improve steadily

at present, Shencheng has basically completed the adjustment of the industrial layout of hazardous chemicals. At the end of 2012, Shanghai took the lead in basically completing the work of "entering the zone and entering the park" for production and storage enterprises in the country. As of the end of June this year, a total of 413 enterprises have been closed, suspended, merged, transferred, relocated and other adjustment measures, except for the enterprises that the district and County People's governments have proposed to retain in supporting local industries

in addition, the construction of the supervision platform for the flow of hazardous chemicals has achieved initial results. The centralized operation platforms in Fengxian, Minhang, Jinshan and Qingpu pilot areas have introduced nearly 1000 hazardous chemical enterprises to settle down. In particular, the development, commissioning and launch of the monitoring platform for the flow direction of hazardous chemicals in Jinshan District have been basically completed

it is understood that within this year, Shanghai will issue the catalogue of prohibition, restriction and control of hazardous chemicals in Shanghai (the third batch of illegal production of steel bars warned by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council repeatedly) to strengthen the daily supervision of vulnerable, frequent and frequent key areas, and strictly rectify all kinds of illegal and illegal behaviors, such as "black warehouses", illegal operation of liquefied petroleum gas, and illegal operation of refined oil by mobile refueling vehicles. At the same time, special safety inspections were carried out in tank farms of oil and gas and other dangerous chemicals. On the basis of verifying the base number, the impact of temperature dispersion of flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful molds on the shrinkage rate is more obvious for tank farms storing hazardous chemicals, as well as tank farms surrounding schools, hospitals, nursing homes, residential areas and other densely populated places, so as to speed up the rectification of potential safety hazards

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