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Longmang Baili joins hands with Zoomlion pump to expand the advantages of titanium dioxide industry

longmang Baili joins hands with Zoomlion pump to expand the advantages of titanium dioxide industry

September 7, 2018

recently, Kemu, the international leader in titanium dioxide, issued a notice that the price of titanium dioxide of all specifications in China will be increased by $50/ton from September 1. In this regard, industry analysts believe that the overall performance of the titanium dioxide industry may further improve in 2018, and the industry as a whole will show a high boom situation

another wave of price rise of titanium dioxide may come.

titanium dioxide is considered to be a kind of white pigment with good performance in the world at present. It is an inorganic pigment with the widest application and the largest consumption. It is mainly used in industrial Chinese coatings such as coatings, plastics, papermaking and printing inks. The economy of overseas developed countries has recovered steadily this year, and the real estate market has increased slightly, increasing the demand for titanium dioxide. With the continuous development of new economies such as India and Brazil, the demand for titanium dioxide also shows an increasing state, so as to reduce the pollution potential caused by waste water and exhaust gas, and gradually become the leading force of growth

domestic environmental protection production restriction leads to insufficient operating rate of domestic enterprises and tight supply of goods. At present, although the market is in the off-season, environmental protection production restriction is expected to support the price of titanium dioxide

in addition, after the Sino US trade war, the United States' tax measures on titanium dioxide and other chemical raw material industries have increased the import cost of raw materials for Chinese titanium dioxide manufacturers

affected by the above factors, titanium dioxide series products have seen several rounds of price increases since this year

market participants generally believe that the demand for titanium dioxide continues to rise, and the industry is expected to maintain a high momentum. It is expected that the probability of price rise in the future is high, and the overall performance of the titanium dioxide industry in 2018 may further improve

industry leader longmang Baili: steady performance

under the general situation of high prosperity in the titanium dioxide industry all year round, the industry leader longmang Baili has steady performance and has a very eye-catching momentum

on the evening of August 20, longmang Baili released its 2018 interim performance report. In August, it achieved a total operating income of 5.329 billion yuan, an increase of 6.62% over the same period last year; The total profit was 1.626 billion yuan, an increase of 1.55% over the same period last year. This means that the mid-2018 production and sales data will continue to maintain a high level on the basis of the high growth achieved in mid-2017

zhanghaitao, the Secretary of longmang Baili, further explained, "Titanium dioxide export data is excellent, mainly because developed countries and regions in Europe and the United States have stable market stocks. At the same time, the demand for titanium dioxide in developing countries such as India, Brazil and Southeast Asia continues to grow, coupled with the depreciation of the RMB against the US dollar, the exchange rate environment is more conducive to China's titanium dioxide export. It is expected that this trend will continue in the future. Coupled with the continuous expansion of the price increase of titanium dioxide, it has a positive impact on the company's performance 。”

it is learned that the construction progress of longmang Baili 200000 t/a chlorinated titanium dioxide project has been more than half, and it is planned to be put into production in the first half of 2019. At that time, the production capacity will be increased by 30%. Problems may occur throughout the year and affect the test results, and the production capacity is expected to reach 800000 tons. In addition, longmang Baili will also achieve a production capacity of no less than 1.3 million tons by 2020 through the acquisition of the existing domestic chlorination titanium dioxide production line and the layout of the 300000 ton/year production capacity project, and strive to become the world's largest manufacturer of titanium dioxide without nicks parallel to the gap axis

therefore, longmang Baili has strict requirements on all links of titanium dioxide production line, among which the high stability of water system is one of the key points of longmang Baili. The company chooses to cooperate with Changsha Zhonglian Pump Co., Ltd., which has 30 years of production experience, in boiler feed water, circulating water system, purified water system and sewage system

the products of Changsha Zhonglian pump industry have the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, stable operation, 10 minute wide speed regulation range and beam movement interval, which not only ensure the stable operation of the production line, but also save a lot of production and maintenance costs for longmang Baili

finally, the relevant person in charge of longmang Baili said that in the future cooperation, it will sincerely cooperate with Changsha Zhonglian pump industry under the conditions of mutual benefit to further expand the industrial advantages of titanium dioxide

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