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Longpan Technology: Nuggets new retail achievements new future

-- an exclusive interview with Mr. Chen Xiaoxing, director of market and brand of Jiangsu Longpan Technology Co., Ltd.

in the market of large lubricant consumption countries, the competitive situation between lubricant brands can be described as "fierce battle among heroes". At present, the domestic lubricant market presents a competition pattern of "three pillars". On the one hand, the international Corps represented by shell and Mobil, on the other hand, the state-owned giants such as great wall and Kunlun, and on the other hand, the private enterprise camp composed of brands such as Longpan. Private lubricant enterprises can be said to survive in the cracks. However, the potential of private lubricant enterprises can not be underestimated. With the enhancement of technology and brand awareness of domestic private lubricant enterprises, private lubricant enterprises have an irreplaceable position in the market with the advantage of localization. As one of the excellent private lubricant brands in China, Longpan technology has formed a pattern of tripartite development of lubricant and engine coolant, diesel generator tail gas treatment fluid, and vehicle maintenance products after years of hard work and development, and has become an advantageous enterprise in the field of vehicle environmental protection fine chemicals

from April 21 to April 23, 2017, the 81st National Auto Parts Fair officially kicked off in Nanning, which has the heritage of "maritime Silk Road". As a traditional grand event of China's auto parts industry, the national auto parts conference with new aluminum composites as the main line has been successfully held in different cities in China for 80 times since 1965, which has contributed greatly to the development of China's auto aftermarket and has a very special position in the domestic auto parts industry. More than 2000 powerful exhibitors from home and abroad, including Longpan technology, brought a wonderful event to friends in the auto parts industry in Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center. The first portal of lubricating oil integrated with automobile and machinery genes, China lubricating oil information (), and "lubricating oil market" magazine interviewed Mr. Chen Xiaoxing, the market and brand director of Jiangsu Longpan Technology Co., Ltd. at the exhibition site to explore how Longpan technology can open up a precedent for differentiated brand marketing, Nuggets new retail and achieve a new future in the new era of "Internet +"

Mr. Chen Xiaoxing (left), director of market and brand of Jiangsu Longpan Technology Co., Ltd., and China lubricating oil information group photo

leveraging the capital market to seek development and consolidate the leading edge in subdivisions

as an advantageous enterprise in the field of environmental protection fine chemicals for vehicles, "lubtop" is one of the top ten annual enterprises in China's lubricating oil industry. Longpan technology has experienced more than ten years of trials and tribulations, worked hard and finally grandly listed in April 2017, From product operation to capital operation, where will Longpan technology focus on development in 2017? "It is mainly the expansion project of lubricating oil and antifreeze with an annual output of 120000 tons, the new project of diesel generator tail gas treatment fluid (vehicle urea) with an annual output of 200000 tons, the construction project of operation management base and marketing service system, and the construction project of storage and logistics center. These four projects are the key work of Longpan science and technology in 2017." Mr. Chen believes that Longpan has formed a characteristic industrial chain in terms of industrial layout, from lubricating oil to vehicle urea and then to vehicle maintenance products, which is conducive to consolidating the advantages of Longpan technology in product market and logistics supply services

in addition to making efforts in star blockbuster products, Longpan technology also spared no effort in the layout of the automotive aftermarket, full of expectations and expectations. Since 2015, in the face of the surging automotive aftermarket, hundreds of o2o car washing and maintenance enterprises have flocked to the market, attracted by the trillion market scale. In the face of unprecedented industry competition, how to build products + Internet + services and become a new benchmark in the automotive aftermarket? In April 2016, the "Longpan Zhizun aliche wharf maintenance project" jointly created by Longpan technology and Alibaba automobile business department came into being. The combination of the two industry-leading enterprises has created a project integrating big data, physical products, logistics terminals and closed-loop supply chain, and has become a strong pioneer in the competition for the transformation and upgrading of domestic automotive aftermarket terminals. At the same time, Longpan technology sijitong quick oil change center project, with high-quality Longpan "sijitong" series diesel engine oil products as the core, has created a modern terminal sales system for diesel engine oil products, and has also made remarkable achievements since it was put into operation

with China's increasingly stringent automobile emission standards and the increasing demand for automatic transmission maintenance in the auto repair market, Longpan will continue to focus on the promotion of ATF automatic transmission maintenance projects in 2017, providing a unique and advantageous way for the upgrading and transformation of hundreds of thousands of car maintenance terminals across the country. "Longpan technology is demand-oriented. The technical leader of the ATF automatic transmission maintenance project is Professor Xu Xiangyang, who won the first prize of the 2016 National Science and technology progress award. As an authoritative expert in this field, he has a leading technological research and development advantage, thanks to his centralized improvement of processing characteristics and design flexibility." Mr. Chen introduced that taking the industry demand as the guide, Longpan has helped Longpan achieve today's achievements. Longpan technology is positioned not only as a supplier of lubricating oil products, but also as a value-added service provider that helps the development of the industrial chain

Jiangsu Longpan Technology Co., Ltd. Longpan supreme product display

unlock the new posture of brand marketing and embrace the new golden age of retail

today, with the increasing homogenization of marketing means, the fundamental way for enterprises to carry out brand marketing is to carry out differentiated marketing according to their own development. On the road of differentiated marketing, Longpan technology can be described as a pioneer in the industry

from 2014, NBA made way for the "flying over the ice river" project of Longpan lubricating oil to witness the extreme challenge of low temperature quality of Longpan lubricating oil products, to 2015's Longpan "crossing the Flaming Mountain" challenge, and then to 2016, jointly hosted the "climbing over the sky road" quality extreme challenge with the national independent brand JAC automobile, to challenge the Sichuan Tibet highway located in the plateau and known as "China's most dangerous highway". A series of brand marketing events not only strengthened the positioning of Longpan lubricant in the hearts of mass consumers, but also provided a model for the differentiated marketing of private lubricant brands. "In 2016, with the expansion of e-commerce channels and the implementation of Longpan Zhizun aliche wharf project, Longpan technology has made the current freight from Indonesia to southern China ports 2.5 (3.5) dollars per ton (70000 tons); 3 (4) dollars per ton (50.6 million tons) And new media marketing, won the 2016 'Internet +' practice Pioneer Award in China's automobile circulation industry. This proves that Longpan's innovative exploration in the Internet field has once again been highly recognized by industry experts. " President Chen believes

the success of brand marketing also feeds back and acts on the strong sales of Longpan products in the market. According to the statistics of professional lubricant shopping guide platform oil cat (), Longpan lubricant has ranked first in the sales of tmall in the lubricant industry for two consecutive years, surpassing Mobil, shell, Castrol, great wall and other first-line brands at home and abroad. Since its official entry into tmall platform in 2014, Longpan sonic9000 products have become the first in the sales ranking of major lubricant brands on tmall platform and a dark horse in the domestic high-end lubricant market. Longpan lubricant has risen rapidly in the field of e-commerce and has become a remarkable "top lubricant sales champion", thanks to the reform and embrace of Longpan technology in the new retail era. Mr. Chen said that in addition to the promotion of star products such as Longpan sonic9000, it also benefited from the promotion of sales volume by opening up more than 2000 auto service stores to achieve online and offline integrated services, which is the best interpretation of 'new retail' and the best practice of 4C marketing theory (i.e. consumers, costs, convenience and communication)

Jiangsu long 1. They can store data or print it out with a printer. "Nuggets new retail" poster and product display of Pan Technology Co., Ltd.

build a team cultural ecosystem to integrate and improve market competitiveness

in the face of intensifying competition in the lubricant industry, enterprises compete not only for "hard power" such as product quality, R & D technology, production and sales, but also for business models Organizational culture and other "soft power". Because "hard power" can be similar, but "soft power" can only be differentiated. It is the so-called "fallacious to a thousand miles", the differentiation of an enterprise's organizational culture forms an important DNA of enterprise culture, which can reflect the strength of market competitiveness

"the culture of Longpan technology is not home culture or wolf culture. What we admire more is the team field culture." President Chen explained that the team's Stadium culture pays more attention to teamwork and coordination, and works together to win the game. Through such an organizational culture, employees will have more cohesion and team fighting spirit. Through a clear organizational culture, build an ecosystem of team stadium culture, which is more conducive to the display of business models and the development of market business, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the industry

after more than ten years of development, Longpan technology has formed its own distinctive corporate culture. Facing the future development, it is necessary to have both leaders and innovative talents. Entrepreneurship is the core of corporate culture construction. Stimulating and protecting entrepreneurship is of great significance for enhancing market vitality, implementing innovation driven development strategies, promoting enterprise transformation and upgrading, and promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the industry. Organization building is always the most difficult, but it is also the most valuable! The whole organizational culture is like the heart of an enterprise. How to do it well is a means to reflect differentiation. As a rising young brand in the lubricant industry, good corporate culture is also becoming one of the most valuable resources and the strongest competitiveness of Longpan technology

Jiangsu Longpan Technology Co., Ltd. Nanning auto parts exhibition platform shows

industry comments:

under the new normal of supply side reform, green environmental protection policy overweight, quality consumption upgrading, and industrial field reform, Longpan technology, which is determined to become a leading enterprise in the field of environmental protection fine chemicals for vehicles in China, continues to be guided by the national strategies and policies for automotive energy conservation, emission reduction, and low carbon, It focuses on the R & D, production and sales of environmental friendly fine chemicals for vehicles. By building a brand and product structure, it organically combines brand and channel advantages with R & D and innovation advantages, thereby enhancing the brand value of the company. We hope that Longpan technology can continue to take advantage of the capital market to consolidate its leading edge in the field of segmentation, while constantly decoding and innovating more new brand marketing models, Nuggets new retail, and achieve a new future

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