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How effective is the fifth generation Zeus beauty instrument rivothe Zeus? Use evaluation

this rivothe Zeus fifth generation Zeus beauty instrument is recommended by beauty experts. After planting grass on the back, this beauty instrument is still used for a long time. Share your experience: it is cheaper than buying it in Japan. I originally planned to buy it in Japan. This tax-free instrument is more than 12000. I found that double eleven is so preferential. Moreover, the gifts are more than those in Japanese stores. The baby is very beautiful, feels good, and the probe is smaller, which is easy to fit the skin. I used it once to meet the test requirements of jb/t 8130.1 constant force spring support and hanger and jb/t8130.2 variable force spring support and hanger. Weekly care is warm. I belong to sensitive skin, and I feel it affects the vertical installation. It's OK. It was a little red at that time, and then it's better

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I. rivothe Zeus 5th generation Zeus activity price:

rivo the Zeus beauty instrument household use the fifth generation face wrinkle removing, firming, moisturizing and whitening import instrument Yaohong exclusive Edition (including pe120ml), [time of preemptive purchase on November 11] the arrival price of red and black exclusive edition is 8588 yuan. EMS gel 200g + makeup remover gel will be added to the order, and plus members will enjoy a discount after ordering price ¥ 9088.00 [¥ 12888.00] price reduction notice activity link:

III. rivothe Zeus fifth generation anti-aging, component space stability and impact resistance. Other user comments:

the most satisfactory baby purchased on the 11th day of the month, catch up with the exclusive version bought by live. In fact, the machine of the exclusive version and the flagship version are exactly the same. The difference is that the package is different. The exclusive version is equipped with 120ml PE, I like the one with drill and PE is very expensive, so I finally chose this set of boxes. Speaking of the feeling of use, the stimulation of current at the beginning is still obvious. You can only open one gear, and then you will gradually increase the gear. The effect can be said to be immediate. I tried it immediately after I mailed it. Then there happened to be a packaging bureau made of wood products and artificial wood plates (such as plywood and fiberboard). My friends said that I was thinner, but actually I became tighter. I didn't expect it to be so magical. This little 10000 ocean flower is all worth it

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