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Longxing Chemical Co., Ltd. and SINOCHEM rubber signed the strategic cooperation agreement on carbon black procurement with China National Chemical Rubber Corporation. Under the market principle, Longxing gives priority to the supply of carbon black products of the head office; Its Fengshen tire has priority in purchasing Longxing Chemical products. After the new factory of Fengshen tire in Jiaozuo City, Henan Province is fully put into operation, a new carbon black procurement volume of 120000 tons/year will be formed, mainly supplied by Longxing

in addition, at this time, other tires under Sinochem rubber should clean the oil delivery valve or replace the carbon black products of pressure stabilizing spring manufacturers with appropriate stiffness. The company's products will also be given priority, which will greatly expand the company's sales channels

BS EN 1365 ⑶: 2000 beam 5

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