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Longyan: towards the goal of world-class construction machinery industry base

Longyan: towards the goal of world-class construction machinery industry base

China Construction Machinery Information

Guide: Fujian and Taiwan work together, and the big family of global machinery industry base is expected to add Fujian Longyan. On November 8, 2010, the first cross strait Machinery Industry Expo hosted by the Fujian provincial government will be held in Longyan, Fujian Province. At that time, Taiwan Machinery Industry Association, Taiwan machinery industry

Fujian and Taiwan join hands, and the big family of the global machinery industry base is expected to add another "newcomer" - Fujian Longyan

on November 8, 2010, the first cross strait Machinery Industry Expo hosted by the Fujian provincial government will be held in Longyan, Fujian Province. At that time, Taiwan Machinery Industry Association, Taiwan Machinery Industry Association, Taiwan Electrical and electronic industry association, Taiwan Association of industry and commerce, etc. will enter Fujian on a large scale, opening the curtain of in-depth cooperation in the machinery industry between Fujian and Taiwan

it is understood that the mechanical equipment industry is one of the three leading industries established by Fujian Province to lead the leapfrog development of Fujian, and Longyan's mechanical equipment industry is highly expected. "Building a world-class construction machinery manufacturing base, a national R & D and production base of environmental protection equipment, and a Haixi commercial vehicle and parts processing base" is the development goal of Longyan machinery industry

what the industry is generally optimistic about is that based on the advantages of Fujian's Hercynian policy, Longyan's industrial foundation and Taiwan's technological research advantages, Longyan takes advantage of the situation to leap forward and build a world-class machinery industry base

Taiwan: the best partner for the upgrading of Longyan's machinery industry

in order to speed up the transformation of the mode of economic development, Longyan, which has rich resources, has put forward the development direction of "non resource growth", and the machinery industry has an important task to shoulder; In the layout of serving the leapfrog development of Fujian, Longyan machinery industry urgently needs transformation and upgrading; Taiwan is the best partner for the upgrading of Longyan machinery industry

the level of Taiwan's machinery manufacturing industry is world-class. Statistics show that the total output value of Taiwan's machinery industry exceeds NT $600billion, ranking tenth in the world

Taiwan's machinery industry has a history of more than 60 years, with a sound industrial chain and a perfect horizontal and vertical division of labor and cooperation network management system. Especially after the efforts to promote the "Asia Pacific manufacturing center" and "precision machinery industry" in the 1980s, Taiwan's machinery industry has entered the stage of independent innovation, and has become an important partner of the international industrial division system and global business layout. It has the distinctive characteristics of high processing level, additional and good impact strength, high value, high scientific and technological content, precision manufacturing, emerging industries and so on

in Taiwan's machinery industry, mold processing, electronic production equipment, plastic machinery, woodworking machinery, cutting machine tools, molding machine tools, construction and mining machinery, automobile and component manufacturing, etc. have strong competitiveness in the world; Master six axis connecting rod tool machine, high-speed three-dimensional molding machine, semi-solid metal molding machine, linear machinery, high-speed cutting tool machine, micro machinery and other products representing the future trend; It has formed a number of leading industrial brands and has its own core competitiveness

what is particularly critical is that compared with Taiwan's machinery industry, the overall level of Fujian's machinery manufacturing industry is relatively low, forming obvious differences and complementarities between the machinery industries of the two places, and having a strong foundation for industrial transfer and industrial docking

in recent years, Taiwan's machinery output to the mainland has been stable at about 40% of Taiwan's overall exports, and the annual growth is more than 15%. Limited to the shortcomings of Taiwan's own market, in line with the internal industrial structure adjustment, the outward expansion, industrial extension and gradient transfer of Taiwan's machinery industry is the general trend

in the connection between Longyan and Taiwan's machinery industry, Longyan took aim at the precision manufacturing technology of Taiwan's machinery and equipment and the international market access all over the world; Aimed at Taiwan's CNC machine tools, woodworking machinery, food machinery, textile machinery technology transfer; Aiming at Taiwan's advanced basic technology, we strive to improve the technical level of casting, forging, heat treatment, surface treatment and so on in Longyan machinery industry; Aiming at Taiwan's advanced agricultural machinery technology, with a view to developing agricultural machinery manufacturing suitable for Longyan; Aiming at the transfer of Taiwan's auto parts industry (especially the auto electronics industry)...

Longyan: the real opportunity for the extension of Taiwan's machinery industry

the improvement of Haixi strategy not only brings historical opportunities for the leapfrog development of Fujian, but also belongs to Taiwan; The ambitious Longyan machinery industry development plan has brought practical opportunities for the extension of Taiwan's machinery industry

by 2015, the total output value of Longyan machinery and equipment industry will reach 110billion yuan, forming an industrial cluster with relatively perfect supporting systems for construction machinery, environmental protection machinery, automobile industry and electronic information industry; It has basically built a world-class construction machinery manufacturing base, a national R & D and production base of environmental protection equipment, and a Haixi commercial automobile and parts processing base. This is the preliminary goal of the 12th Five Year Plan for Longyan machinery industry

in building a world-class advanced manufacturing base for construction machinery, the construction machinery industry achieved an output value of 50 billion yuan in 2015, led by China Longgong. Specifically, 25000 loaders, 15000 excavators, 20000 forklifts and 5000 various road machinery will be produced and sold annually, and core parts companies such as bridge boxes, hydraulics, casting and forging will be built into the most influential parts enterprises in China in their respective industries, and gear production projects will be invested in due time. While actively doing a good job in the layout of intellectual property rights in the field of cutting-edge new materials, we will actively introduce large projects such as engines and tires into Longgong supporting industrial park to improve the industrial chain

in the next five years, China Longgong will focus on Longyan to build five bases: invest more than 2 billion yuan to build a complete machine manufacturing base, and plan to invest in the construction of forklift and roller production projects; Invest more than 3 billion yuan to build a parts processing base; It plans to invest 10billion yuan to attract Longgong's top suppliers in the world, build a 3000 mu Longgong supporting industrial park, and form a complete supply chain production base; Jointly run schools with Longyan University, and plan to jointly establish Longyan University of technology, and establish a talent training base for enterprises with an annual delivery of 1000 talents and training of 2000 talents; Establish a national product test base

in building Haixi commercial automobile and parts processing base, we will focus on the construction of Longyan Automobile Industrial Park, led by xinlongma and Kaibao. By 2015, Longyan auto industry aims to produce more than 450000 vehicles per year. Among them, 50000 medium and heavy trucks, 80000 light trucks and low-speed trucks, 300000 micro trucks, 10000 passenger cars, and 20000 special vehicles

the new Longma bus will be expanded in the high tech park of Longyan Development Zone to achieve an annual output of 10000 buses. Fujian Kaibao Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. cooperates with FAW Group light vehicle factory. The two sides jointly invest 1billion yuan in Longyan Automobile Industrial Park, and use the platform of Fujian xinlongma Automobile Co., Ltd. to build a production line with an annual output of 50000 medium and heavy trucks

in terms of building a national R & D and production base for environmental protection equipment, the environmental protection machinery and equipment industry achieved an output value of 8billion yuan in 2015, led by Longjing environmental protection. At the same time, other mechanical equipment industries such as cemented carbide, mining machinery, water pumps, machine tools and molds have achieved an output value of 10billion yuan

focus on the development of air pollution prevention and control equipment such as 600MW and above units, especially distributed uneven sets of electrostatic precipitators, complete sets of wet combustion gas desulfurization and denitrification equipment for 300MW and above units, complete sets of flue gas denitrification equipment for thermal power plants, electric bag composite high-efficiency precipitators, high-voltage pulse corona dedusting and desulfurization integrated equipment, extend water, solid, sound and other environmental protection fields, expand industrial clusters, and form a group of core competitiveness, Enterprise groups with product characteristics, technological advantages and large-scale production capacity

Machinery: an ideal choice for cross-strait industrial cooperation

machinery industry, known as the "mother of industry", is a typical technology intensive and labor-intensive industry, which is closely related to upstream and downstream industries. In the development of the world economy, the machinery industry has always played an important role. With promising development prospects and huge market space, it is an ideal choice for cross-strait industrial cooperation

at present, made in China and the Chinese market have become important forces to promote the steady progress of the world economy. The continuous industrial upgrading and transformation and development have brought China's machinery and equipment industry into a golden period of development. On the one hand, the mainland is in the middle of industrialization, which is a good period for the development of machinery and equipment industry; On the other hand, the new rural construction and urbanization process have brought huge market space to the machinery and equipment industry; At the same time, the global manufacturing industry is accelerating the transfer to the mainland, and the autonomy of major technology and equipment has become an important industrial policy of the State Council. All these will provide important support for the great development of China's machinery and equipment industry

in terms of construction machinery, the scale of infrastructure construction in China is amazing, and the investment intensity of high-speed railway, highway, port, energy projects, urban construction, new rural construction and other projects remains high; The global construction machinery market has great potential, especially in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa and other emerging economies, whose infrastructure construction is still at its peak; China's construction machinery enterprises have initially achieved international competitiveness

in terms of environmental protection equipment, the global environmental protection market continues to expand, and environmental trade develops rapidly; The mainland regards environmental protection as a sustainable development strategy. Only during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, the investment in environmental protection reached 1.4 trillion yuan; In Fujian, the environmental protection industry is listed as one of the five pillar industries for key development, with an annual growth rate of more than 20%

in terms of commercial vehicles, the automotive industry is known as the "engine" of manufacturing industry, with the characteristics of capital intensive and technology intensive, and strong industrial correlation effect, which can drive the development of steel, machinery, electronics, rubber, glass and other related industries and service industries. In China and even the global market, the rigid demand for commercial vehicles is huge, and the prospect is promising. (Li an)

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