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Longpan Trisonic lubricating oil and you meet China GT China Super Race Championship Ningbo Station

Longpan Trisonic lubricating oil and you meet China GT China Super Race Championship Ningbo Station

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9million year-end award, one of the few domestic super sports car events. In less than ten days, we will try our best to run the fourth season of China GT in Ningbo

promote the harmonious development of society

in this top super race, there will be high-performance million sports cars that show the latest technology of major automakers around the world, as well as many well-known racing players to participate in the on-site fight. At that time, Longpan Trisonic lubricant will challenge the extreme performance of Aston Martin vantage GT4 together with Wu Pei, a famous racing driver of the Asian speed racing team

in the roar of the motor, find the latest braking point, find the friction limit of the tire, and race the car, so as to challenge the driving technology and complete the artistic creation of driving. The fast driving comes from the high-speed transmission of force under lubrication protection. The rapid speed of every racing car is inseparable from high-performance lubrication technology

bringing car level lubrication experience to car owners is Trisonic's consistent pursuit of lubrication technology and product quality

trisonic ultimachgold is produced by Longpan Technology Singapore Co., Ltd. and filled overseas. It is a fully synthetic multi-function engine oil intelligently made with cutting-edge lubrication technology. It is specially developed to prolong the service life of gasoline and diesel engines of modern high-performance passenger cars. Meet API sn/cf and aceaa3/b4 performance standards. It is also applicable to diesel engines and gasoline engines of passenger cars. The first batch of introduced Trisonic ™ The viscosity grade of the product is 5W-40, which is suitable for most cars, SUVs, MPVS, pickups and other models at home and abroad

tri, but use a large range of equipment to test sonic objects with low compression requirements ™ Ultimach gold has a unique organic film protection technology, with nine cutting-edge performance advantages, which can bring excellent lubrication protection to the engine and unimaginable driving experience to car owners

excellent low-temperature flow - smoother start in cold climate

stable high-temperature shear - strong protection against high temperature and high rotation under extreme driving conditions

excellent anti-wear performance - reduce the wear of precision components inside the engine, keep the engine lasting as new

excellent cleaning performance - disperse and inhibit the regeneration of colloids, sludge and other deposits, Ensure that the engine operates freely

excellent fuel economy - save fuel and be more environmentally friendly

reduce flow noise - quiet operation, quiet experience

lower friction coefficient - faster acceleration response

excellent oxidation resistance - achieve more long-term anti-wear protection, extend oil change mileage

reduce high-temperature volatilization - reduce oil consumption, inhibit carbon deposition, and maintain strong power

, Trisonic lubricating oil is here to meet you at Ningbo stop of China GT China Super Race Championship. Please look forward to the feast presented by the drivers

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