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Longpan steel shield construction machinery oil big "show" BICES 2013

Longpan steel shield construction machinery oil big "show" BICES 2013

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Guide: an exclusive interview with Wang Zhengyu, director of Longpan petrochemical construction machinery oil channel project department. In October, Beijing welcomed the largest and influential construction machinery exhibition BICES 2013 in Asia this year, with about 100000 visitors at home and abroad and more than 30 countries More than 1000 exhibitors gathered in the region, with an exhibition area of

-- an exclusive interview with Wang Zhengyu, head of Longpan petrochemical engineering machinery oil channel project department

in October, Beijing ushered in BICES 2013, the largest and most influential engineering machinery exhibition in Asia this year. About 100000 visitors at home and abroad and more than 1000 exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions gathered together, with an exhibition area of 186000 square meters. At the BICES 2013 construction machinery event, Jiangsu Longpan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and its Longpan steel shield family of construction machinery oil products made a wonderful appearance to show customers at home and abroad the excellent quality of professional oil used in construction machinery and equipment. At the exhibition site, Wang Zhengyu, Minister of Longpan petrochemical engineering machinery oil channel project department, accepted an exclusive interview with China engineering machinery information () and talked with us about the product advantages and innovation journey of Longpan lubricating oil

Wang Zhengyu, director of Longpan petrochemical engineering machinery oil channel project department, made a wonderful debut of steel shield series products

with the development and expansion of the construction machinery industry, the construction machinery lubricating oil market is also booming. At the BICES exhibition, we saw all manufacturers in the field of construction machinery lubricating oil appear. "In general, this year's exhibition is in line with our expectations. In addition to the manufacturers of complete construction machinery, brother enterprises that have done well in the field of oil for construction machinery have participated in the exhibition. This is a good platform that can help us understand some new development trends in the industry." Minister Wang Zhengyu said

in this exhibition, Longpan showed the flagship products for the construction machinery industry - steel shield series products, including steel shield construction machinery special heavy-duty coolant, steel shield construction machinery special diesel engine oil, steel shield construction machinery special heavy-duty gear oil, steel shield construction machinery special aw anti-wear hydraulic oil, etc. It is understood that the "steel shield" series products have many functions, such as strong lubrication, wear resistance, noise reduction, anti shaking and so on. Since they were officially launched in June last year, they have been widely recognized by market customers. At the exhibition, the brand slogan "durable as steel, double protection as shield" is very eye-catching, implying that Longpan's products can provide excellent lubrication protection for all kinds of construction machinery, further improve the performance and service life of construction machinery and equipment

according to minister Wang, the oil products used in construction machinery account for about 15% of Longpan's product line. Although the construction machinery industry has declined this year due to the impact of the general environment, as a supporting manufacturer of lubricating oil, Longpan's overall sales situation is still better than expected, thanks to the fact that the enterprise has always focused on technological innovation, committed to developing products suitable for the characteristics of construction machinery equipment and working conditions, and meeting the diversified needs of the market. Therefore, Longpan attaches great importance to this year's exhibition and hopes to enhance exchanges with construction machinery and equipment manufacturers and interested customers at home and abroad

Longpan booth products

meet customer needs, focus on product innovation

the structural characteristics, working conditions and operating environment of construction machinery and equipment are relatively complex, and the use of oil has a great impact on the service efficiency and service life of machinery and equipment. Therefore, it is required that the lubricating oil should have higher cleaning performance, oxidation resistance and wear resistance, so as to ensure the lasting and stable operation of the engine. Minister Wang said that in terms of the stability of lubricating oil, Longpan lubricating oil belongs to one category and two categories in China, which can provide lasting lubrication for equipment

R & D innovation is the soul of enterprise development. For Longpan, innovation is the gene of enterprise life and the driving force of development. Minister Wang said: "Longpan has many technological innovations in the research and development of professional oil field of construction machinery. Through research and understanding the needs of end users and equipment owners, it constantly improves the product formula and improves the performance of oil products, so as to help customers better maintain and repair equipment and help customers save costs. We hope to develop more products suitable for the actual needs of end users, rather than products in the whole industry. Such products are more valuable To have better vitality. "

Longpan actively promotes the cooperation with complete machine manufacturers and accessories manufacturers in the construction machinery industry. After years of efforts, it has been recognized by Sany Heavy Industry, XCMG, shanjianshe reconstruction machinery, Lingong, heli forklift, Cummins, Shangchai, Weichai and other enterprises, and has developed a number of products to meet special needs. The oil returned from the lower end of the Wangbu hydraulic cylinder returns to the oil tank through the balance valve, hydraulic control check valve, throttle valve and explosion-proof electromagnetic directional valve. The captain gives us an example, Plastic is an important material for preparing drug packaging containers "For example, heli forklift encountered a technical problem a few years ago and needed a general product that could meet the lubrication needs of a variety of equipment. At that time, there was no such product in the industry. As a supplier, we actively cooperated with them in product research and development. Now the multi-purpose oil product used by Heli system is the result, which can be said to create a precedent for domestic oil enterprises in the field of multi-purpose oil."

following the national strategy to deal with market changes

in 2013, the development of the construction machinery industry is not optimistic, and many complete machine factories are difficult to complete the sales task, which also affects the lubricating oil products supporting the equipment. Minister Wang said that long pan was aware of such an environment and changed his strategy at the beginning of the year to actively respond. "Closely following the national strategy of 'developing the West and rising the central region', we are actively developing the markets in the West and central regions, especially the southwest and northwest markets, which are emerging markets. We have started to layout since the first half of the year. In addition, we are now expanding the vibration of a general-purpose testing machine. The reasons for the vibration are usually the following: some new fields, such as port machinery, mining machinery, marine equipment, etc. with the adjustment of the construction machinery industry, The supporting lubricants have also entered a new stage of development. If enterprises want to improve their core competitiveness, they must ultimately improve the quality of their products. Therefore, we put more energy on the research and development of new products, continue to innovate and improve the competitiveness of products. "

although the development of the industry is cold, Minister Wang is confident in the development prospect of special oil for construction machinery. "China's construction machinery market is far from reaching saturation and is still in the period of rising development, but the country is now carrying out structural adjustment of the entire industry, and the future development direction will be more benign and stable. We will continue to improve our R & D technology and innovation capabilities, adjust the product structure accordingly, and better respond to market changes."

under the cover of the general environment, there are equal opportunities and difficulties in the industry. Longpan's team firmly believes that as long as it takes customer needs as the core and follows market changes, it will surely win better development in the severe market competition and become a brand for which industry customers erect thumb

Longpan booth

Minister Wang and this group photo

Company Profile:

Jiangsu Longpan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating the research, development, production and operation of lubricants, fluids and greases. The company is located in Nanjing National Economic and Technological Development Zone with beautiful scenery and scientific planning. Longpan lubricant has gasoline engine oil, diesel engine oil, vehicle gear oil, hydraulic oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, grease, motorcycle oil, industrial oil, automobile maintenance products and various special oils for mechanical equipment. The company has an annual production and design capacity of more than 300000 tons, a single shift capacity of 100000 tons, and a storage capacity of 16000 tons of raw materials and 7000 tons of finished products. At the same time, it has a national experimental testing center and a research and development center covering an area of 14000 square meters

the main supporting automobile manufacturers of Longpan products include Dongfeng, FAW, BAIC Foton, JAC, Hyundai bus, Steyr heavy, Valin heavy, GEFA heavy truck, Jinlong, SAIC Hongyan, Jinan heavy truck, Shaanxi heavy truck, beiben heavy truck, Yutong Bus, Xiamen Jinlv, Chang'an bus, Dongfeng Yangtze River, Shenlong bus, etc; The main supporting host manufacturers include Shangchai, Xichai, East Asia Cummins, GAC Hino, Lovol, Weichai, yangchai, etc; The main supporting construction machinery manufacturers include Heli forklift, JAC heavy industry, shanre reconstruction machine, Shanghai Longgong, Shanhe intelligent, etc

the reputation of Longpan lubricating oil in the society and industry has been continuously improved, and it has won many honorary titles, such as "excellent supplier of industrial vehicles in China", "the most influential national brand in China's lubricating oil industry of the year", "China's best marketing innovation award", "China's best innovative enterprise", "high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province"

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