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On February 14, in the production workshop of Liaoning Fudao Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd., workers were debugging the crane that had just come off the production line. "These are the new 55 ton hydraulic crawler cranes ordered by an Indonesian company. They will be delivered immediately after commissioning." Wang Xianguo, the company's science and technology management consultant, pointed to the 10 cranes in the plant and told the author that integrating into the national "the Belt and Road" strategy has made the enterprise fruitful. In 2016, the company not only received orders of tens of millions of dollars from Indonesian and Russian enterprises, but also established contacts with enterprises in many countries, and its overseas marketing network has been constantly expanded

the first hydraulic crawler crane in New China was born in fudig heavy industry. Since it was transformed into a private enterprise in 2004, fudig has repeatedly interrupted and measured the parameters of system 1. Heavy industry has taken the independent research and development of crawler cranes and various types of construction machinery as the focus of product development. It has developed and produced crawler crane series products from 25 tons to 1250 tons, 18 tons and 25 models. The products have been exported to more than 40 countries and earned a total of US $700million in foreign exchange. Fchi has set up branches in 11 countries including Russia, Indonesia and Kazakhstan, and marketing networks in Europe, America, the Middle East and India

from the stable leading position in the domestic crane industry to the continuous development of overseas markets, Fudiao heavy industry has always maintained a strong development vitality. "Scientific and technological innovation has always kept enterprises at the forefront of the industry. 20 years ago, Fukuang heavy industry had an annual output value of more than 80 million yuan. Now, the output value of a crane is nearly 100 million yuan, which is the power of innovation." Wang Xianguo said that the enterprise has a national postdoctoral workstation and the largest R & D base in the same industry in China, with an average annual investment of more than 30 million yuan for new product research and development. The company has undertaken more than 20 national and provincial science and technology projects, formed more than 30 independent intellectual property rights, and produced more than 30 kinds of products such as crawler crane series products and continuous grooving machines, large dredgers, large mining excavators, etc. to fill the domestic gap. The income of new products accounts for more than 40% of the total income of the enterprise

since 2012, Fudao Heavy Industry Development Co., Ltd. has initiated a new management reform that can be used to identify the friction failure characteristics of raw materials such as lubricants, metal materials, plastics, coatings, vulcanized rubber, magnets, etc. They introduced the market mechanism and divided all departments into business divisions with more clear division of labor according to the types of functions, which is more accurate than the current frequently used materials, so that employees can understand their own and interests. "We have a large number of experienced employees, which is the most rare resource for manufacturing enterprises. The division of business divisions can well mobilize their enthusiasm." Li Yunbo, the general manager of the company, believes that the clear division of functions of the division not only ensures the improvement of product quality in the future, but also better serves customers

to make accurate market predictions from a global perspective is the "killer mace" of Fudao heavy industry, which has always been in the leading position in the industry. In order to meet the national demand for investment and construction of large-scale engineering projects in recent years, the stress-strain curve can be displayed in real time during excavation and even testing. It took only two and a half years for heavy industry to produce 1250 ton crawler crane products, which have been transferred to multiple construction sites after delivery. This is the largest tonnage crawler crane in China so far. According to Li Yunbo, Fudiao heavy industry will work hard on the specialization of products in the future, focusing on China's nuclear power, the underground foundation transformation of national pipe gallery projects, and the upgrading of hoisting technology of new energy facilities. The super large crawler crane project with a capacity of more than 3000 tons, which was jointly developed by Fudao heavy industry and many universities, was approved by the Ministry of science and technology. At the same time, the operation of the company has changed from simply selling products to selling services, introducing "entity + Internet data platform", developing into an overall service provider with the integration of hoisting, transportation, design, manufacturing and technical consulting capabilities, and becoming the world's only domestic first-class and internationally renowned service provider with manufacturing capacity and technical services as the core

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