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Longbo successfully mass produced a company's special specification glass

from November 5 to 10, Longbo successfully completed the production task of 0t1.6-1.7mm special specification glass after 50 good parts of a glass company replaced the suspicious parts of the dissolution activity rate meter. Recently, the first batch of products have been loaded and sent to the company

this batch of special specification thin glass is used for automobile windshield, with the specification of 940*1485mm. It is required that the direction of the glass bead should be parallel to the short side, so it is difficult to produce. The minimum cutting specification of the main machine of Longbo cross cutting machine is set to be more than 1000mm, and the main parameters of the cross cutting machine cannot be changed. The leaders of the company carefully organized and worked with the personnel of the technical department and the operators of the floating data analysis joint workshop to overcome all difficulties and formulate a production plan. Through repeated commissioning tests, repeated demonstration, deliberation and analysis of the return speed of the forming, longitudinal and transverse cutting machines, the specification of the cutter wheel and the accelerating roller table, Break the shackles of convention and find out a reasonable production plan. At the same time, optimize the arrangement of the on-site station personnel of the packing, so that the glass cutting and packing are in order, and the production task is completed with quality and quantity guaranteed, which has taken a solid step towards reaching the production standard, making it easier to display data and curves

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