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In the spring of 2021, China national color pump industry ushered in the first "good start" of the 14th five year plan, and its operating revenue increased by 751.08% year on year; The amount of the newly signed order contract has completed 1/3 of the annual task target, and the reform and innovation has made great achievements in tackling the problems of high-end functional plants in the biomedical field/participating in the medical material war

at the beginning of the spring of 2021, NFC pump industry ushered in its first "good start" in the 14th Five Year Plan period, and its operating revenue increased by 751.08% year-on-year; The amount of the newly signed order contract has completed 1/3 of the annual task target, and the results of the reform and innovation are gradually showing

China national color Pump Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of China national color group. As the first diaphragm pump manufacturer in China, its main product, diaphragm pump, has completely independent intellectual property rights, 14 core technologies and 180 patents. Its domestic market share reaches 85%, ranking first in the sales of similar products in China, and is sold to many countries in the world. Improper application may constitute experimental error. In recent years, affected by the continuous downturn of market demand, the company's production growth slowed down and its operation was in trouble. In response to this situation, the company continued to find its own reasons, boldly innovate, deepen reform, pay attention to fine management internally and market expansion externally, and walked out of a distinctive road of growth and endeavor

strategic adjustment. In order to reverse the adverse impact of the external market environment, the company actively carried out strategic adjustment and transformation, deeply integrated high-end complete sets and EPC business, changed from a single equipment manufacturer to a high-end complete sets and EPC supplier, and expanded from the traditional resource and energy equipment field to the emerging intelligent manufacturing and environment-friendly high-end equipment field, Strive to become a first-class domestic pump product supplier and a first-class technical lean enterprise with international influence

expand the market. While stabilizing the domestic market, the company began to actively expand the international market, benchmarking the management and market competitiveness of international first-class pump companies. With the overseas expansion of China Nonferrous Metals Group, China Nonferrous Metals Corporation and other Chinese enterprises, the company gave full play to its technical advantages in long-distance pipeline transportation, strengthened international market development and product promotion, explored the products and markets of pump pipe valve integration projects, and further expanded installation For the construction business, strive for the overall contracting of the pump pipe valve project, and take the diaphragm pump as the leader to drive the design and construction integration of the pump pipe valve

innovation driven. Technological innovation is the first driving force leading the development of enterprises. After more than ten years of efforts, the company has forged a technical team with excellent R & D and innovation capabilities. Applying modern CAE technology, the company independently created a theoretical platform for diaphragm pump design and process, realized the optimization and matching of overall technical parameters, broke through a series of key problems in the continuous production of diaphragm pumps under high corrosion, strong grinding and high temperature conditions, successfully developed a series of products with excellent quality, and filled the gap in the domestic solid-liquid two-phase fluid transmission equipment with large flow, high pressure, high concentration and high specific gravity, The technical performance index and design and manufacturing technology level of the product have reached the international advanced level. At the same time, based on the diaphragm pump, the company expands to acid resistant diaphragm pump, high-temperature diaphragm pump, etc

reform and increase efficiency. In view of the lack of vitality and motivation for the development of the enterprise, the company focused on the implementation of the dominant position of the enterprise in the market. Since 2019, the company has taken a series of reform measures, such as adjusting the leadership, deepening the three system reforms, revising and improving the management process, constantly improving the corporate governance structure and establishing a flexible and efficient system and mechanism. The company actively establishes long-term strategic cooperative relations with major suppliers, reduces the bidding frequency through batch centralized bidding procurement, scientifically sets the procurement cycle, and makes every effort to reduce the procurement cost; In the production process, the product quality backtracking system was strictly implemented. When quality problems were found, each process was checked one by one. The goal of "not accepting defects, not manufacturing defects, not transferring defects" was achieved. The insole material was polycarbonate tube. The product quality of the company was significantly improved, and the customer satisfaction rate continued to improve. In the process of practice, the company explored and summarized the "whole process, big plan" and other feasible practices in line with the actual situation of the enterprise. Starting from the source department that may affect the on-time delivery of products to the ex factory logistics department, the company achieved "exposing problems, solving problems, summarizing problems", effectively improved the work efficiency, and realized a significant reduction in the cost of a single coal slurry pump. (xujiefeng can greatly reduce the production cost of the enterprise Zhaoyan Guofeng)

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