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Huawei releases intelligent data center service solutions

Huawei officially released the intelligent data center service solutions at its global live broadcast industry digital transformation conference, which can design and build a green intelligent data center that meets the requirements of the updatier4 certification for customers, and reduce pue by 8%-15% through artificial intelligence technology

with the digital transformation of finance, government affairs, enterprises, media and other industries, and the full application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, IOT, big data and 5g, a digital transformation of business led by technology has arrived, and the data center as the brain of enterprises will usher in the construction peak

based on years of excellent practice in the ICT field, Huawei provides customers with a full life cycle one-stop service solution from consulting design, integration implementation, intelligent operation and maintenance to operation support, accelerating enterprises to move towards a new era of intelligence

hankstokbroekx, vice president of BG Enterprise Technology Service Department of Huawei enterprise, released the intelligent data center service solution

Huawei enterprise continues to press (pull) to F3. Hankstokbroekx, vice president of BG enterprise technology service department, said at the press conference:

in the construction of data center, "super large data center" will be the focus and difficulty of future construction, among which, resource integration, energy efficiency, business continuity Technological innovation and intelligent matters that need attention before and after the use of hand-held spectrometer are the five important features that super large data centers must have

the requirements for the accuracy of rubber tensile testing machine and high-frequency data collection are also extremely precise. Based on many years of excellent experience in ICT field and its own application, Huawei provides customers with best practices in data center construction, operation and maintenance and operation:

in terms of consulting design

refer to industry recognized standards and its own practices such as togaf (open organization system framework) and ADM (architecture development method), Huawei consulting service experts help customers sort out the current business situation, evaluate the investment in data centers, combine business strategies with it strategies, work with enterprise IT executives to develop KPIs and promote the adjustment of IT investment to meet changing business needs

in terms of integration implementation services

with the help of the industry-leading cloud integrated design platform I designer and automated testing tools, pre-test and verify the data center construction plan to achieve the best allocation of resources and achieve what you see is what you get; So as to reduce the difficulty of integration implementation and shorten the on-site construction cycle by up to 50%

in terms of intelligent operation and maintenance services

data center operation and maintenance is the key to the continuous operation of the data center. Huawei intelligent operation and maintenance platform has achieved a technological breakthrough from "panoramic monitoring" to "automatic monitoring", from "rule-based fault discovery" to "Ai machine learning based fault prediction". Combined with professional operation and maintenance service team, it helps enterprises realize "automatic driving" of data center operation and maintenance, The operation and maintenance operation is reduced from multiple steps to at least one step, and the operation and maintenance efficiency can be improved by 20%

in terms of operation support services

Huawei has successfully digitized its experience in the fields of applications, resources, projects and data, summarized and developed operation support services to help customers' operation data centers from the aspects of "monitoring, prediction, early warning, coordination, decision-making and command", achieve the operation goals of "visibility, manageability and controllability", reduce the construction cost of repeated investment of projects by 20%, and improve the efficiency of data sharing

Hankstokbroekx pointed out that it provides customers with high-quality intelligent data center service solutions from the two aspects of "green" and "intelligent":

with the help of modular data center solutions and L1-L3 resource integration characteristics, it greatly reduces the physical space occupation rate; The AI energy-saving algorithm built in the scheme can reduce the pue of the overall scheme to 1.2, reaching the industry-leading level

simulate the completion state of the data center through 3D modeling and CFD (control flow diagram); Smartidc one click system information collection and report output provide accurate input for planning and design; The I Migrator migration center provides one-stop solution generation and technical management from research and evaluation to migration implementation, greatly reducing the operation risk of the data center

Huawei has established and improved service assurance system in the world and accumulated rich experience in data center construction

by 2019, Huawei, together with 500 + industry experts and 4200 + partners worldwide, has helped global enterprises build more than 1000 data centers with a total area of more than 2.4 million square meters

want to explore the intelligent world, understand the experience of digital transformation in various industries, and the opportunities for the latest progress of ICT innovation technology

from February 24 to 27, many digital transformation pioneers and Huawei will continue to explore the smart world with you: We sincerely invite you to discuss with us and build an interconnected smart world! Heavyweight celebrities share dry goods. Please look forward to the 2020 live broadcast of the industry digital transformation conference

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