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Huawei released 5g services and software solutions to help operators realize smart operation in the 5g era

[Shenzhen, China, March 9, 2020] today, in Shenzhen, China, Hu Jianyu, vice president of Huawei global technology services, released 5g full stack services and software solutions based on platform + intelligence, including ai+ big data-driven full process digital 5g smart building solutions CWR@Digital ; 5g intelligent and excellent solutions leading the industry for more than one year; SOC (business operation center) solutions that help operators enable thousands of businesses and create extreme business experience; Autin 5g intelligent operation and maintenance solution to ensure ultra reliable 5g network; 5g talent training and certification solutions and the world's first 5g cloud contact center solutions will comprehensively help operators achieve smart operations in the 5g era

Hu Jianyu said that since 2017, Huawei services has begun to apply AI technology to the production and operation processes that serve the planning, construction, operation and maintenance, optimization and operation of operators. By integrating machine learning and human given machine intelligence, Huawei service builds the knowledge of the telecommunications industry accumulated in the past 30 years and the model generated by machine learning on the technology platform and continues to evolve, so as to provide customers with higher quality and efficiency services and have a stronger ability to solve customers' problems, helping operators achieve business success in the 5g era

CWR@Digital Ai+ big data drives the digitalization of the whole process, 5g smart building, improving investment efficiency

the planning and construction of 5g network must be accurate from the beginning, so as to improve investment efficiency and provide differentiated experience for different new businesses. Huawei CWR@Digital The solution can enable the digital transformation of network operations of operators, help operators to carry out intelligent construction based on ai+ big data driven whole process digitization, carry out o+b big data analysis by building a digital operation sand table, and carry out whole process digital construction through insight, planning and construction, so as to realize 5g intelligent construction and improve investment efficiency

5g intelligent optimization ensures the ultimate network experience, leading the industry for more than a year

Huawei 5g intelligent optimization solution relies on the excellent platform discovery to provide sub solutions such as commercial numbering assurance, extreme rate assurance and network delay optimization. The commercial numbering guarantee scheme accurately identifies fake, poor and dumb 5g problems, and helps operators reduce 21 salute complaints in the early stage of commercial use; The ultimate rate guarantee scheme exploits the network potential and further improves 5g rate through leading CSI optimization and rank up technology of end, tube and core collaboration; The network delay optimization scheme improves the delimitation efficiency of the delay problem from week level to day level. At the same time, Huawei's unique patent super FEC can support services and reduce the cell edge delay by 20%

Huawei's excellent platform discovery summarizes and solidifies the excellent experience of more than 100 excellent rules, more than 50 AI models and more than 6000 projects, and its ability is ahead of the industry for more than one year

5g SOC creates the ultimate business experience through three innovations, enabling qianhang Baiye

5g era, operators can build brand competitiveness by providing differentiated business experience and help 5g business development. Based on the user experience management experience accumulated on more than 160 networks around the world, Huawei 5g business operation center (SOC) solution supports customers to realize the experience management of 5g new services (such as cloud vr/x, HD video and live broadcast return, etc.) such as spring steel; 2B new scenarios (such as smart ports, smart parks, etc.) face the experience management of SLA guarantee for one industry, one policy, and enable thousands of industries; And the new mode of realizing differentiated experience (such as MBB business class)

autin, the intelligent operation and maintenance guarantee of human-computer cooperation is super reliable. 5g network

with the commercial use of 5g network, new networks, new technologies and new businesses bring great challenges to operation and maintenance, but the operation and maintenance resources of operators cannot grow linearly with the amount of equipment. Huawei is the first in the industry to put forward the intelligent operation and maintenance mode of man-machine cooperation, which makes the operation and maintenance from being carried by people to automation and intelligence. First, through skill transformation, the operation and maintenance personnel are transformed into data analysts, network strategists and application choreographers, and their personal knowledge and experience are transformed into operation and maintenance assets and injected into the intelligent operation and maintenance platform ows; Subsequently, ows can realize intelligent operation and maintenance based on these assets. Through this man-machine coordinated operation and maintenance mode, Huawei 5g intelligent operation and maintenance solution can break the law of linear growth of operation and maintenance resources with equipment, reduce human errors and improve operation and maintenance efficiency by using automation; Based on AI technology, the prediction and prevention of network and business failures are realized, and the quality of operation and maintenance is improved, so as to ensure the super reliable 5g network

leading the talent ability standard, building the ultimate learning experience, and cultivating 5g digital talents

the success of 5g is inseparable from a talent team that masters 5g, AI, cloud and other key technologies and understands the needs of industry customers. Huawei 5g talent training and certification scheme. Haywa, the founder of Huawei certification, is clean inside and outside without rust. Rd's contribution to this article is to help the MIT team explain the expanded talent ability standard of materials; Create leading content through the joint creation of Huawei, operators and the industry; Through the combination of online and offline, training and war teaching, action learning and other modes to improve learning efficiency, cultivate digital talents for 5g industry

Hu Jianyu pointed out that 5g intelligent operation and maintenance needs AI support, and the existing operation and maintenance personnel need to gradually transform into network strategists, data analysts, and scheduling engineers. Therefore, Huawei took the lead in launching a training and certification scheme for the transformation of operation and maintenance engineers to help operators cultivate 5g oriented operation and maintenance talents

5g cloud Contact Center (AICC) scheme, realizing video, intelligence and open platform

video, intelligence and open platform is the development trend of cloud contact center in 5g era. Huawei took the lead in launching the 5g cloud Contact Center (AICC) solution, which supports 5g HD video seats, provides services or marketing through video, and realizes the third-dimensional customer service interactive experience beyond key reception and voice calls; Through intelligent form filling, voice conversion, intention recognition, intelligent quality inspection and other means, create an intelligent assistant for artificial seats, and improve the efficiency of artificial seats by more than 20%. Facing the market of up to 10 billion yuan per year, Huawei 5g cloud contact center solution can help operators make use of their unique resource advantages. Through this solution, Rongshi, Rongzhi and RONGTONG have leading competitiveness, open the 5g+2b market entrance, connect the production process of 2B customers, accelerate the upgrading of enterprises' industrial services, and help insurance, government, medical treatment, education, finance and other industries provide digital and intelligent services

Hu Jianyu said: the leading 5g solutions released today, covering planning, construction, operation and maintenance, optimization, operation and talent training, all rely on the continuous innovation and investment of Huawei services. Huawei is cooperating with leading scientific research institutions in cutting-edge technology, and introducing key technologies into our solutions to realize the engineering and productization of new technologies, and become a reliable partner for operators forever

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