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Huawei S-Series new switches have won t ü V Rhine green product certification

ctiforum July 21 News (Yu Xin): the internationally renowned independent third-party inspection, b0.61 testing and certification organization Rheinland TV Group (hereinafter referred to as: TV Rhine) recently announced that Huawei S-Series switches s6720/s6320/s5720/s5320 have successfully passed the TV Rhine green product certification

this is another large-scale win in this industry famous certification award after Huawei's high-end switch s12700 series agile switch, s9700 series T-bit core routing switch, s7700 series intelligent routing switch, box switch s5700 series Gigabit Ethernet switch

the acquisition of TV Rhine green product certificates not only confirms the green technology and green concept of Huawei S-Series switches, but also fully proves that Huawei S-Series switches meet the requirements of strict international standards in terms of environmental protection, recycling, energy conservation, EMC, safety regulations, carbon footprint, etc. In addition, it also confirms that Huawei S-Series switches can help customers build a green, environmental friendly and energy-saving network

as the world's leading provider of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions, Huawei continues to innovate around the needs of customers, and has successively launched s6720s-26q-ei-24s, sq-ei-24s, sx-pwh-si-ac, sc-hi and sc-hi-24s, new members of the S-Series switch family. Huawei has long adhered to the green concept and integrated green technology into its products. It has many industry-leading green energy-saving technologies, such as intelligent speed regulation of fans, front and rear air duct design, advanced H1, and ibernation Management (AHM), which is similar to the temperature of the machine head

1 temperature monitoring

monitor the temperature of key components of the equipment, and increase the fan speed when the temperature of a sensitive component inside the equipment is higher than the set value; When the temperature of a sensitive device inside the equipment is lower than the set value, reduce the speed, and finally control the equipment to maintain a stable temperature state, so as to save energy and reduce noise

2 air duct design

front and rear air ducts are designed to realize strict isolation of cold and hot air ducts and improve heat dissipation efficiency

3 support technology

on the basis of supporting energy efficient Ethernet (EEE is imperative to explore the new development path of plastic granulator technology, energy-efficient Ethernet), support the whole machine sleep technology. When the whole machine has no flow, the exchange chip can also be put into sleep, and the whole machine energy consumption will be reduced by more than 63%

Huawei has always been pursuing excellence on the road of technological innovation. While building network products and solutions that meet customer requirements, Huawei continues to strive for excellence in green energy-saving technologies. Huawei S-Series switches once again gain large-scale access to t? V Rhine green product certification means that Huawei switches are at the forefront of the industry in the adoption of green technology and set a green benchmark

tv Rhine green product certification

tv Rhine green product certification is a voluntary certification aimed at self-discipline norms for consumer goods and their environmental impact. For different products, t? V Rhine combines various relevant certification requirements and standards. The standards based on are based on the requirements of social audit and safety regulations, and further tested and certified in conjunction with international standards in four aspects: the use of chemical substances, recycling and reuse, energy consumption and energy efficiency, and product carbon footprint. Products that pass the test will be awarded t? V Rhine green products finally achieved a major breakthrough mark in the research and development project of copper alloy new materials with high thermal conductivity at the beginning of June this year. On the one hand, it helped enterprises prove their corporate commitments and the international competitiveness of products to brands and retailers; On the other hand, this logo can guide end consumers to identify green products in a wide variety of commodity markets

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