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Huawei: released the first batch of storage products after the acquisition of Huasai

July 10 (Li Ming) Huawei held a new product launch of oceanstor T series unified storage & tecal server with the theme of "Da Dao Zhi Jian, extreme speed Zhiyuan" in Beijing today, and officially released four unified storage products for enterprise applications and four high-end products of tecal server family to the world

July 10 news (Li Ming) Huawei held a new product launch of oceanstor T series unified storage & tecal server with the theme of "Da Dao Zhi Jian, speed Zhiyuan" in Beijing today, and officially released four unified storage products for enterprise applications and four high-end tecal server family products to the world. According to c114, this is also the first time that Huawei's IT product line held a storage related press conference after Huawei acquired Huawei Symantec (hereinafter referred to as Huasai) in November last year. Zheng Yelai, President of Huawei's IT product line, said: This is the first press conference since the return of Huasai. Reviewing the development of Huawei's IT product line in the past year, Huawei has achieved from the completion of strategic layout to the rapid implementation of products. At present, Huawei has helped customers build 210 data centers around the world, including 20 cloud computing data centers

unified storage: smart software reduces operation and maintenance costs by 60%

the oceanstor T series unified storage products launched by Huawei this time are for enterprise applications, including four new products: oceanstor s2600t, oceanstor s5500t, oceanstor s5600t and oceanstor s5800t, which can meet the requirements of large-scale database oltp/olap, high-performance computing digital media, interconnected operation, centralized storage, backup, disaster recovery Data migration and other different business applications

according to Huawei, on a unified basis, the smart series software (smarttier, SmartCache, smartthin, smartqos, SmartMotion) independently developed by Huawei provides functions such as data intelligent classification, data intelligent cache, data intelligent simplified configuration, intelligent service quality control, and data intelligent information movement. Through all-round intelligent management and scheduling of data, Allocate storage resources to different types of businesses on demand

among them, SmartMotion data intelligent fast-moving function can maximize the global resource utilization through the global intelligent deployment of data, which can increase the overall resource utilization by 3 times and reduce the operation and maintenance cost by 60%

fan Ruiqi, President of Huawei's storage product line, said that in addition to unified storage, Huawei storage produces 2) gate designs with a complete product series, including San, NAS, data protection, cloud storage and software. He revealed that Huawei will launch more heavyweight storage products and solutions at the upcoming Huawei HCC conference in September

Huawei oceanstor T series unified storage new product launch ceremony

Huawei oceanstor T series unified storage new product exhibition

Huawei server has three high characteristics

at the same time, Huawei today released four high-end server products: Intel E-based four-way rack server rh2485 V2, four-way blade server bh640 V2, and E-based four-way and E-based eight way high-end server rh5885 v2

in addition, Huawei also launched the fourth generation peie SSD card ES3000 with strong IO performance and a variety of optimization algorithms to build an application acceleration solution. This is Huawei's second launch of high-end servers with high reliability, high performance, energy efficiency and other characteristics for key enterprise applications after the release of a number of tecal V2 series servers in March this year

Zheng Yelai said that in the past three years, Huawei servers have achieved gratifying results, with a compound annual growth rate of about 95%, and it is the first Chinese manufacturer to enter the magic quadrant of Gartner servers. In addition, Huawei servers made major breakthroughs in domestic and foreign markets in the first half of 2012, and achieved large-scale applications in government, power and other industries. Huawei servers have won the first place in more than 50 spec tests in the field of performance and energy efficiency

Huawei tecal server new product launch ceremony

Huawei tecal server new product display

comprehensive layout of enterprise business

at present, enterprise processing has been listed as one of the three major businesses by Huawei, and it is also the main driving force for Huawei's revenue growth in the next few years. According to the data, the sales revenue of Huawei's enterprise business in 2011 was 9.2 billion yuan, an increase of 57.1% year-on-year. Although it accounted for a relatively low proportion of the company's overall revenue, it grew the fastest among its three business segments. If there is demand, public information shows that Huawei's enterprise business unit hopes to exceed $15billion in sales revenue in 2015, which will account for 20% of Huawei's total revenue at that time. Huawei's acquisition of Huasai is regarded as an important measure for Huawei to comprehensively layout the enterprise business market

previously, Huawei had routers, switches, video communication systems and server products in the enterprise network market, but compared with its competitors, Huawei lacked storage and security products. After the acquisition of Huasai, Huawei's product line in the enterprise business field will be improved

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