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Huawei released smartnos 2.0 "Zhuoyue service" and built a new core of high-quality services

[Shenzhen, China, March 26, 2021] at the 2021 Huawei industry digital transformation conference, Huawei released smartnos 2.0 Zhuoyue service for industry customers' core business and application operation and maintenance, and built a high-quality service architecture

Zhang Tong, head of Huawei BG customer support and industry operation and maintenance service department, delivered a speech.

Zhang Tong, head of Huawei BG customer support and industry operation and maintenance service department, said that the digital transformation of qianhang Baiye has accelerated, and the IT system has become the core production system. How to ensure that customers enjoy high-quality service experience is the original intention of Zhuoyue service. As we all know, the financial industry has very high requirements for networks and businesses. In response to the demands of financial customer service, Huawei uses Zhuoyue service to build a smart, reliable and safe financial network and improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance and network. 2) limit protection: when the mobile beam touches the upper and lower limits, it is safe to realize that the business will never drop, so that financial services are everywhere, The new kernel of smartnos 2.0 is to upgrade from equipment and network oriented operation and maintenance to business and experience oriented operation and maintenance

create an AI level network with faster fault recovery and make the network more intelligent

the continuous development of business has led to the increasing scale of financial network and the increasing complexity of management. It is inevitable to make the network more intelligent. Through AI level network, Huawei makes the operation and maintenance mode more efficient, the business interruption duration shorter, and the fault handling speed faster. Huawei's complete network operation and maintenance scheme based on AI realizes second level network fault detection and minute b0.15 level fault recovery. Among them, telemetry real-time acquisition and evaluation, real-time data analysis and detection; Global network visibility, application and network intelligence are associated to meet the SLA requirements of the financial industry at all times

build a reliable network from the core to make the network more reliable

the business continuity requirements of financial business are very high, and the annual interruption time of some key businesses is no more than 5 minutes. From the bottom hardware platform to the top software design, Huawei plans and designs a deliverable, maintainable and highly scalable network to meet the requirements of financial customers for network capacity and quality

build a three-dimensional and in-depth safety system, Make the network safer

even small risks in the financial industry may cause insecurity "Carbon nanotube materials can not only bring huge returns and measurable losses to the aerospace field, but also prevent the security of the financial network. Starting from multi-dimensional risk assessment, Huawei analyzes and correlates single point anomalies based on big data to accurately identify security threats and attacks, including comprehensive threat detection based on logs, events and data; full cooperative defense based on border clearance, terminal devices and the cloud; full security based on real-time perception and retrieval traceability Visual

Huawei takes customers as the center, continuously creates value and achieves customer satisfaction; Uphold the concept of Zhuoyue and create high-quality services; Join hands with thousands of industries, gather greater wisdom and strength, and walk out of the road of high-quality development

Huawei held the 2021 Huawei industry digital transformation Conference on March. The conference discussed how to tap the strength of resilience and innovation into the digital world from the three dimensions of business, technology and ecology. Here are thoughts on the digital transformation of the industry, business strategies and talent ecological warfare that support digital transformation. If it replaces the more expensive plastic polymer strategy, it presents the practice in the government, transportation, finance, energy and other industries, as well as the latest progress in the fields of connectivity, cloud, AI and so on. For more information, click

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