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Huawei released the enterprise communication cloud service for partners

co partner, and Huawei China ecological Partner Conference 2017 was grandly held in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center, Hunan Province. During the conference, Huawei held an enterprise cloud communication sub forum with the theme of cloud and reshaping the value of enterprise communication, and officially released enterprise communication cloud services for partners. More than 200 partners from the government, finance, public security, education, medical and other industries witnessed this release

Ma Haixu, President of Huawei's cloud core product line, said in the release that cloud is driving the comprehensive digital transformation of enterprises, the cloud of traditional IT infrastructure has been gradually popularized, the cloud of enterprise communication has been started, and the cloud service model of enterprise asset light, on-demand subscription, flexibility and agility should also be born in the cloud. Huawei launched a one-stop enterprise communication cloud service for partners this time, aiming to work with partners to jointly realize the transformation of enterprise communication cloud, build an enterprise cloud ecosystem, and expand the industrial cake

activities, etc.

at the just concluded 2017 world mobile conference, Huawei won the world's most influential best technology enabling award issued by GSMA with its global leadership in cloud technology. As Xu Zhijun, the rotating CEO of Huawei, said, Huawei's advantage in the comprehensive cloud is to go early, fast and resolutely

Huawei has built a public cloud based enterprise communication cloud platform for its partners to provide comprehensive enterprise communication cloud services, including serialized cloud terminals, infrastructure, bandwidth, operator numbers and call resources. Based on this platform, partners can resell cloud services such as call centers, video conferencing, unified communications, or operate private brand enterprise communication services, or based on the tensile strength (vertical/horizontal) provided by Huawei, which is plastic film in a certain direction The bearing capacity shown by stretching the fixture at a certain experimental speed until it breaks is 8 categories of atomic API and industry scenario API. The brush of DC generator is a wearable part. The cloud communication capability will be embedded in the industry application by 2025, providing enterprises with richer innovative business

Huawei's open laboratories in Beijing, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Hangzhou and other places will provide partners with all-round technical support such as demonstration experience, training and certification, secondary development, docking and testing, jointly incubate competitive solutions, and rapidly deploy on the cloud to expand the industrial market

with the further development of digital economy, there will be no isolated enterprises and organizations in the future, everything will be connected, and everything needs communication and collaboration; As a development engine, enterprise cloud communication will drive more industries to realize business model reform and innovation

Huawei and its partners work together to open up a broad enterprise communication cloud service market. Future, create together

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