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Huawei released the wireless safe city elte safety solution

[China, Hong Kong, May 18, 2017] during the 2017 world Emergency Communication Exhibition, Huawei released the wireless safe city elte safety solution, and joined hands with industrial partners to provide governments and users of all countries with an end-to-end integrated, multi-directional, highly reliable and mobile police cloud urban integrated security wireless communication network

Huawei wireless safe city elte safety booth

with the rapid development of urban economy and the continuous improvement of residents' living standards, how to deal with urban daily management, large-scale activities and emergencies, and how to ensure the personal and property safety of urban residents in an all-round and timely manner have become great challenges faced by public security, municipal and other departments. The traditional narrowband communication network, which only supports voice services, will not be able to meet the business requirements of the increasingly rich security network, which may further decline

Huawei LTE safety, based on the integrated command business, includes end-to-end LTE broadband cluster, broadband data application, mobile video, wireless video retransmission and other solutions and supporting products. It has the following four characteristics:

full service integrated command, visible, accessible, fast, accurate and fully controlled

integrate voice, video, data, GIS and other rich business application requirements to realize monitoring, command Dispatch one. Integrate existing business resources, realize the interconnection of public and private, broadband and narrowband, wired and wireless and other standard communication means, and integrate the cloud command integrated solution of voice, mobile video, precise positioning, mobile office, real-time conference, and big data analysis and processing based on broadband data. It is real-time, accurate, safe and multidimensional, and will present the scene in a three-dimensional manner to support accurate comprehensive command decisions

highly reliable professional broadband cluster, and the lead screw can meet the business needs of the whole scene.

based on 4g/4.5g technology, the cluster group call establishment delay is less than 300ms, and the preemption delay is less than 150ms, reaching the industry-leading level; Provide high, medium and low-end serialized cluster terminals and rich accessories (headset, shoulder mark, law enforcement recorder, etc.), adopt IP67 high protection grade design, dust-proof, water-proof and fall proof, and adapt to harsh environments; In addition, Huawei launched the elte rapid emergency command (Efec) solution, which can deploy the emergency command network within 15 minutes, effectively meeting the scenes of VIP security, disaster management, border patrol, emergency blind filling and engineering repair

elte wireless video scheme, which realizes security monitoring without dead ends

spectrum is the basis of wireless communication. Some users cannot obtain the authorized spectrum, or can only obtain the authorized spectrum with limited bandwidth. Users with authorized spectrum can promote the establishment of China Green Manufacturing Alliance licensed scheme through Huawei elte, which can realize the highest 120km/h high-speed mobile law enforcement scene. The RA should be less than 7um, the better the surface finish, the higher the accuracy of hardness value, and the video return; In addition, users who cannot obtain the authorized spectrum or whose authorized spectrum bandwidth is limited can also quickly build their own wireless broadband network through Huawei elte unlicensed solution to realize video return in fixed scenes and medium and low-speed mobile scenes. With advanced anti-interference, two-way authentication and air port encryption technologies, elte unlicensed can achieve safe, stable and reliable data transmission. Its integrated single station has the characteristics of small volume, wall hanging and pole mounting, which can save a lot of trenching and wiring costs, and realize the rapid deployment of video surveillance in commercial streets, intersections, squares and other places, with no dead corners in security

support the open API interface, support the integration of terminal modules, and enable the enrichment of mobile broadband police applications

elte through the open API interface, realize the docking with the leading fusion command platform at home and abroad, and build an end-to-end visual fusion command solution; Install a variety of police app applications in a single cluster terminal, connect with the cloud police database, and realize new mobile broadband police services such as case management, identity recognition and on-site law enforcement, so as to effectively enforce the law; Elte provides a standard Mini PCIe wireless communication module, which can be integrated into Huawei partner industry terminals, such as ALCOM UAV, Hikvision's on-board camera and temporary control ball, to achieve flexible and mobile wireless video monitoring. Combined with the return of the video image of the fixed camera through CPE, it can build a city panoramic monitoring system that integrates heaven and earth and combines fixed and mobile

PENG Jianhua, President of Huawei's enterprise wireless business, said: Broadband trunking network has entered the stage of large-scale deployment, and the construction of broadband trunking has become a general consensus in the industry on the digitalization and informatization of police. As of the first quarter of 2017, the elte broadband cluster has served more than 150 networks in 57 countries around the world. This time, Huawei joined hands with a number of industry partners to jointly demonstrate elte safety solutions, while supporting b-trunc and 3GPP dual standards, sustainable evolution, and protecting users' long-term investment

at the 2017 global safe Cities Summit held recently, Huawei launched the c-c4isr* collaborative protection method, which has become the core of the digital transformation of the global public security industry. As an important solution, elte safety will provide a more secure and reliable wireless communication network for global public safety users

* collaborative C4ISR or c-c4isr includes collaborative command control, collaborative communication, collaborative cloud information exchange platform (c-cloud), cross departmental collaborative intelligence based on big data (c-intelligence), Service-Oriented Collaborative video cloud platform (c-surveillance), and mass access technology (c-reconnaissance) to realize all kinds of iots, UAVs, etc, Among them, collaborative is the core feature, and visualization and integration will become an important trend of public security solutions

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