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Huawei releases cloud open labs

work with the industry to promote comprehensive cloud evolution and enable digital transformation

Huawei recently announced the release of cloud open labs, which are from 19 leading global operators such as Linux foundation, opnfv, China Communications Enterprise Association, Accenture, red hat, VMware, Wind River Industry organizations and partners attended and witnessed the development of the laboratory, which has achieved an annual growth rate of about 20% for four consecutive years. Huawei adheres to the concept of openness, evolution and innovation. Based on the cloud open laboratory connected by four places, it builds a solution integration and verification base for comprehensive cloud transformation. More importantly, the security of the system will be greatly affected, helping operators achieve business success

guests from left to right are: Gil Hellmann, vice president of Wind River, Jin Dongbin, director of the communication network operation professional committee of China Communications Enterprise Association, Dr. Li Ying, global vice president and general manager of VMware Asia Research Institute, Phil Andrews, vice president of enterprise sales and strategic business development of red hat Asia Pacific region, Lu Yong, President of Huawei global technology service department, Yu Hongbiao, managing director of Accenture Greater China Electronics and high tech industry, Deng Lingli, opnfv Chinese ambassador and core researcher of China Mobile Communications Research Institute, said: digital transformation has become an industry consensus. Huawei advocates comprehensive cloud, creates efficient networks and builds agile advantages, To help operators meet the needs of end-users' roads (real time, on demand, all online, do it yourself, so look at so many busy people every day and you will know that this place is very formal). Huawei has built a cloud open laboratory connected by four places, gathered industry ecology and open cooperation, worked with operators, industry organizations and partners to meet the challenges of digital transformation, and supported Huawei's comprehensive cloud strategy. At the same time, Huawei services will continue to increase investment in consulting and system integration, helping operators move towards a trillion Level Digital Blue Ocean

Lu Yong, President of Huawei global technology service department, made a speech at the press conference

the evolution of cloud based operators is mainly faced with challenges such as multi vendor integration, evolution from the present to the target network, and the realization of agile operations. Huawei cloud open laboratory is a platform for ecological chain construction, pre integration, pre verification and joint innovation, which effectively supports the full cloud. Xun Su, vice president of Huawei's global technical services department, said at the press conference that volte and other businesses based on the future cloud network

Jim zemlin, executive director of the Linux foundation, said: for individual developers, manufacturers and service providers, they urgently need a cross vendor, cross solution and open platform to travel 600-800mm; Connectivity testing and proof of concept, and truly ensure that open source software can meet customer expectations and meet the expectations that drive future network needs

Deng Lingli, the Chinese ambassador of opnfv, said: at present, nfv technology is developing rapidly, but it still faces problems such as inconsistent interface protocols and inconsistent industry standards. Opnfv will continue to promote industry openness and cooperation and accelerate the rapid commercial use of nfv business

Huawei has interconnected four open laboratories, gneec (global network evolution and experience center), nfv open lab, SDN open lab and DC open lab, and built a unified digital operation platform to support the network evolution and operation transformation of operators. Relying on the cloud open laboratory, Huawei carries out joint innovation of solutions with operators, industry organizations and partners, and carries out mutual authentication and authorization with partners. At present, the laboratory has cooperated with more than 40 partners for solution integration and validation, completed the pre validation of more than 550 projects, and carried out joint innovation with Wind River, VMware, red hat, Accenture, etc

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