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Huawei released the white paper on the development of broadband networks in gigaband. On October 19, 2016, Huawei officially released the white paper on the development of broadband networks (hereinafter referred to as the white paper) on bbwf (broadband World Forum). This is the first guide in the industry to advocate the development of gigaband network with higher efficiency and lower cost

gigaband is the cornerstone of the intelligent society in the next decade and the foundation of the sustainable development of the global social economy, which has become the common li of the ICT industry and even the whole society. It needs to purchase two universal experimental machines. In order to comprehensively promote the development of gigaband and deal with the challenges it may encounter in its development process, Huawei officially released the white book for the whole industry through two years of industry investigation, combined with more than 10 years of experience in UWB expansion, and in-depth research by more than 30 experts in the broadband field

the white paper covers the practice and global typical cases of FTTH, copper wire, coaxial cable, wireless and other access methods. The white paper usually locks the screw with the set torque and points out that cost and efficiency are the core challenges of gigaband network development. The main cost of UWB network construction lies in the deployment needs of optical fiber, such as network planning, optical fiber engineering, project management, etc. The average cost of OLT and ONU in active devices such as FTTH only accounts for a small part of the total cost of UWB access, and the data that can be processed is very limited, accounting for less than 10%

for infrastructure construction, focusing on the three directions of cost reduction, efficiency improvement and penetration improvement, the white paper puts forward nine types of solutions, including infrastructure coordination, industrial alliance cooperation, power facility realization, construction specification optimization, business innovation, regulatory tools, resource trading, engineering technology and delivery management innovation

the white paper also points out that copper wire and coaxial network are valuable stock resources for operators. Through the improvement of equipment capacity and efficient site delivery solutions, operators can realize the smooth evolution of network in a smarter way. For example, based on st and docsis3.1, copper wire and coaxial network will provide Gigabit access for users. For the collaborative deployment of wireless access and wired access, the white paper points out that microwave return can help operators overcome the geographical obstacles of wired network deployment and provide equipment with up to 10Gbps return bandwidth

the launch of the white paper will help the global UWB industry partners better understand the key problems faced by the development of gigaband network, and promote the regulators, operators, contractors, equipment manufacturers and other industrial links to work together to finally achieve the commercial success of gigaband

for more information, please download the white paper "gigaband broadband network development white paper"

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