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Huawei releases cloudmetro solutions and accelerates the transformation of cloud based networks

at the 2017 world mobile conference, Huawei officially released the cloudmetro cloud metropolitan solution for the future, which uses cloud technology to reconstruct the metropolitan network, realize resource pooling, business agility, operation automation and network capacity opening, release the potential of metropolitan network, and help operators realize digital transformation and commercial success

with the development of 4k/vr, the advent of Enterprise Cloud interconnection and 5g, the diversity and uncertainty of business are becoming more and more prominent. The rapid realization of business innovation and the effective improvement of user experience will become the most important driving force for the evolution of metropolitan areas. Facing the commercialization demands of new businesses, Metro needs to be agile, intelligent, efficient and open to make great progress, which can only be achieved by cloud network. Huawei network product line CMO Wei Feng said. Cloudmetro is a new business enabling system. Facing the multi-dimensional needs in the future, it includes the networkcloud engine in the upper layer and the new network architecture of end-to-end segmented network in the lower layer, and realizes the layering of functional modules, cloud operating systems and underlying physical devices

Huawei network product line CMO Weifeng released cloudmetro solution

cloudm. Later, the Etro solution will cloud the management and business functions to the cloud engine. Based on this cloud architecture, it provides LEGO style business module on-demand deployment capability. Through arranging the enabling network function business chain, it realizes the independent selection and flexible deployment of business functions, effectively reduces the cost of loose trial and error, and significantly shortens the business development cycle from month to day, Easily and efficiently meet different business innovation needs. At the same time, it is open to third parties through northbound standardized interfaces, providing comprehensive opening capabilities and enriching application types. Huawei provides a remote integrated verification laboratory, moving from independent development mode to joint development based on partners, and cooperates with all parties in the industry to achieve win-win results

cloudmetro solution adopts transfer control separation technology to realize the export to developed countries mainly in the middle and low end, which makes resources cloud and efficient concentration, and dynamically schedules according to business needs to effectively improve resource utilization. Through unified business management, centralized resource control and flexible scheduling across layers, domains and manufacturers, end-to-end online self-service ordering, one click business deployment, all cloud automatic upgrade and visual operation and maintenance are realized

in addition, Huawei launched the industry's first network slicing router, NSR (network slicing router), to build a new infrastructure of end-to-end slicing, and flexibly sliced network resources through multi-dimensional management and control, protocol, and forwarding, which can realize differentiated SLA bearing of multi services such as home broadband, 4g/5g, and enterprise private lines

Wei Feng said: in the future, the development of metropolitan areas should not only consider improving the carrying efficiency of existing businesses, but also consider how to quickly open and integrate businesses in the face of an uncertain future, meet the differentiated needs of multiple applications and services, release the potential of metropolitan areas and realize rapid liquidation. Huawei is willing to actively explore with global operators to jointly accelerate the transformation of metropolitan cloud

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