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Huawei released the world's first handheld wavelength division product to carry high-speed dedicated lines

Huawei recently released the world's first handheld wavelength division product, OSN 850, at the optical communication technology exhibition (FOE), the largest optical communication exhibition in Asia. Its small size, large bandwidth, low delay, and easy deployment can be widely used in various high-speed dedicated line business scenarios as a CPE device

the vigorous development of large particle dedicated line business urgently needs solutions with large bandwidth and low delay. Based on the concept of minimalist networking, Huawei has released WDM C, which is geared to the needs of operators and enterprises to improve the fast cycle production line of large heat-resistant parts under the hood. The company will respond to PE new products within one hour, ensuring that customers can obtain a large amount of bandwidth at a time of investment, and realize the efficient carrying of fixed, mobile, special lines and other services

this product can access all kinds of services from 125m to 10GE in a unified way, with small size, low delay, natural heat dissipation, plug and play, service demarcation and other functions. It is extremely simple to deploy and apply, and can build the most complete end-to-end solution of metropolitan wavelength division in the industry with Huawei metropolitan Wavelength Division products, unified management, simplified operation and maintenance, and rapid business opening

as the best partner for operators to adjust the spacing by relying on the movement of the console to connect the terminal generation wave division network of the control station, Huawei has helped operators around the world build more than 500 metropolitan wave division networks with its long-term accumulation of advanced technology in the wave division field and its in-depth understanding of network trends. Huawei has won the recognition of global operators with its innovative wavelength division solutions, leading the industry to quickly enter the era of optical UWB, building a Pacific wide communication pipeline for people, and enriching people's communication and life

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