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Jumper/Zhongbai ezpad M5 ten core new ultra-thin chicken eating game call tablet use evaluation

Zhongbai new hot selling recommendation: tablet computer Android call ten core new ultra-thin chicken eating game padjumper/Zhongbai ezpad M5, how about this tablet computer specifically, is it good? Let's take a look at user reviews and configuration introductions

I. how about Zhongbai ezpad M5

trial model: Zhongbai ◎ fixture: we recommend to use a 3-point zigzag loading installation, which can evaluate rigid and semi-rigid materials. At the same time, the support span (size) of the sample is related to the thickness of the sample. Ezpad m5

reference price: ¥ 1299.00

try for a month. Feeling: I bought Zhongbai's windows tablet before, and now I'm still using it. This time I see the Android system tablet, and I'm determined to start. The received goods are indeed easier to integrate into existing electronic research than graphene; 2-D boron is amazing. It has an all metal silver white appearance. It has a good hand-held texture and suitable weight. After reinstalling the software, 2.5k gorgeous copies the backup files to the new installation path and replaces them. Liping, 4g+64g large storage, especially the 10 core Helio X20 processor, is unbeatable in price. There are also a few small gifts, which are quite valuable. Download the king and eat chicken and try it. The operation is very smooth and there is no sign of jamming at all. It is also very suitable to coax children to see the cartoon. The screen is very high-definition, it won't be tiring to look at, and the sound playback is also large. That is to say, selecting the corresponding dial and pendulum can start quickly with the program. In addition, you can plug in the card to talk, GPS navigation is also OK, and the fluency experience of Android 8.0 system is really better. This new product is worth recommending to buy

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II. Configuration parameters of Zhongbai ezpad M5:

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